Dolby Laboratories has announced a collaboration with Top Victory Investments Ltd to promote the adoption of Dolby’s AC-4.

This follows recent commitments from Sony Visual Products and VIZIO, which have both promised the same thing.

Top Victory Investments will promote the adoption of Dolby AC-4 in its affiliate TP Vision’s televisions for next-generation broadcast systems and streaming internet content.

Dolby AC-4 is a new audio format from the San Francisco audio specialist.

It promises to deliver the most ‘efficient’ delivery of premium consumer experiences to TVs and other consumer devices.

Dolby says the solution delivers ‘practical, scalable and flexible’ tools, which are built on ‘state-of-the-art’ technology and the company’s knowledge of the broadcast industry.

The AC-4 technology is now available for product development, although it is not expected to be deployed in consumer TVs until 2017.

“With Dolby AC-4 already available in the DVB Audio/Video Toolbox for use in DVB broadcast systems, collaborating with Dolby will ensure that we have this new technology ready in our products when it becomes adopted by country standards in our key markets,” says Tim Vanvaerenbergh, senior product manager, TP Vision.

“As the manufacturer of Philips branded TVs worldwide (excluding North America, India and mainland China), we are excited to bring enhanced audio experiences to our customers.”

Dolby’s goal with AC-4 is to provide new solutions for the current challenges broadcasters face – such as more efficient delivery of high-quality experiences, alternate language versions and services for hearing and visually impaired audiences.

The company also wants to provide a platform for new experiences from broadcast and internet OTT services.

“We are very excited to add TP Vision to the growing list of CE manufacturers, SOC providers and professional partners who support Dolby AC-4,” says Giles Baker, senior vice president, broadcast business group, Dolby.

“Dolby is committed to enabling powerful next generation audio experiences to consumers in the living room with Dolby AC-4 technology and our collaboration with TP Vision brings us one step closer to delivering on this goal.”

Dolby has said that it will work closely with device OEMs including TP Vision, Sony Visual Products and VIZIO, as well as broadcasters and OTT service providers to progress the industry’s experience and increase consumer awareness of next-generation audio entertainment experiences delivered in Dolby AC-4.

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