The centrepiece of the Bowers & Wilkins stand comes in the form of a custom, high-end home cinema demonstrating the latest in surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D delivered by B&Ws high-performance speaker range.

The booth has been created in partnership with soundproof solutions specialists Mutrox and show visitors can book tickets at B&W’s front desk to experience the set up powered by Classé CT amplifiers, driving nine B&W CWM8.3 speakers, five CCM8.5, a CWM8.5, two SW15 and two DB-1 subwoofers.

This ISE exhibit also features the entire CI Series Custom Installation range including B&W’s most durable speaker ever, the weatherproof AM-1 architectural monitor.

Rotel is launching four totally new products, as well as showcasing the full range of new RKB custom-installation friendly amplifiers.

Brand new are four 15 Series products: the RB-1590 stereo power amplifier, with 350W per channel twin monoblock construction for the highest levels of performance in the largest of listening environments; the RC-1590 pre-amplifier, a strong partner for the RB-1590 and the RT-1570 tuner with DAB+, FM, Internet radio and network audio.

However, the star of the Rotel line up is the reference RSP-1582.

This 7.1 surround preamp/processor uses six 24-bit/192kHz Wolfson WM8740 DACs and has been two years in the making.

Also on show, the RKB rack-mounted power amplifiers.

The RKB-850 and RKB-D850 are both 8x 50W, with the ‘D’ denoting digital inputs; while RKB-8100 and RKB-D8100 are 8x 100W.

Classé introduces its Sigma Series designed to deliver audiophile Hi-Fi with affordable, smaller and more efficient separates.

The line-up includes the AMP2, AMP5 and SSP.

The AMP2 is a 2x 200W Class D amplifier using the latest switching technologies to minimise ‘dead-band time’ to three nanoseconds.

The AMP5 applies the same technology to five-channel surround amplification as well as stereo in a 5x 200W configuration, whilst the SSP is a 7.1 channel.

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