AWE’s technical services team have completed the THX Certified Video Calibration training, meaning they are now THX certified calibration experts.

With this certification, AWE can now provide its customers products with the THX Calibrated seal of approval. 

THX is one of the most recognisable AV standards in history and has been providing consumers with a cinematic experience in their home for over 30 years.

The THX brand was created to deliver consumers the assurance they need to know that the product they’re buying is of premium quality and delivers a high performance.

AWE’s Technical Services division has been providing its trade dealer base with specification, site survey, delivery and installation support for ultra large screen TV projects since 2013.

Thanks to the team completing the THX Certified Video Calibration training course, AWE can now also offer THX certified calibration on all flat panel devices, with calibration being completed before it leaves AWE’s warehouse. 

The team can also calibrate projectors such as the Epson range, although this is done on-site due to the impact of ambient room conditions. 

“The senior members of our technical services team have all attended and passed the necessary training courses to allow us to achieve THX Certified Professional status” comments Stuart Tickle, managing director of AWE.

“This reinforces AWE as experts in our field and allows us to provide our customers with a desirable value added service to in-turn offer their customers.

“With consumers becoming more tech savvy and brands pushing the image quality message, they are increasing aware of the importance of calibration and now, all our dealers can provide this to their customers.”

Prices start at £250 for a pre-delivery certified calibration for each screen. Once the calibration is complete, the AWE Technical Services team will provide a confirmation plaque.

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