AWE and ADEO have joined forces to elevate installers’ home cinema designs with totally customisable screens.

ADEO says it is shaking up the industry with its ADEO branded ranges of completely customisable projection screens. The company has also announced that its screens are now available in the UK through AWE, the exclusive distributor to the custom installation and electrical retail markets.

Stuart Tickle, Managing Director at AWE, couldn’t be more thrilled about the partnership, “We’ve been searching for the right screen partner to pair with our Sony and Epson projector ranges and are delighted to announce our distribution partnership with ADEO. This outstanding range of projection screens is now available to UK integrators via AWE, providing customisable screen solutions, including masking options.”

Since 2001, ADEO Group has been operating on three fronts: in Italy, in the professional audio/video and home theatre/high-end distribution sectors; and in Europe, as ADEO Screen, distinguishing itself as one of the most successful manufacturers of screens. ADEO expanded its production capacity by building a dedicated factory in Poland with 3500m2 for production and warehouse space, plus 1000m2 dedicated to offices and a showroom.

ADEO underlines that it operates on solid principles such as the strength of the know-how, resulting from ten years of expertise; and the assurance offered by an all-Italian product development process. ADEO argues its quality is truly remarkable and can be admired in every single aspect of the installed solution and projected image.

Completely Customisable Screens

ADEO allows for an entirely customisable projector screen with a myriad of screen types, fabrics and aspect ratios. The user’s choice is large and includes a wealth of projection surfaces and numerous format options (from the classics: 4:3 and 16:9 to 2.35:1 and 2.40:1). Customise everything from the case, colouring, screen drop, roller type and dimensions of the screen to achieve a bespoke look.

The ADEO online configurator allows AWE and trained integrators to build any screen option by following simple steps. Once the screen configuration is completed, a comprehensive PDF with all dimensions and mounting options is created, which can be used in the design of the overall cinema. It’s also great to show clients exactly what will be produced, taking the guesswork out of screen selection, integration and set-up.

AWE’s projection solution line-up just got even better with the addition of ADEO’s new masking screens, The Movie Mask LR and The Movie Mask TB. The Movie Mask LR is a 2.40:1 screen natively but with side masking can change to any aspect ratio down to 16:9. This is to be used with projectors with picture position / lens memory. The Movie Mask TB is a 16:9 screen with black masking that can come in from the top and bottom of the screen to make the aspect ratio match the content shown. This is ideal for narrower rooms where width is a limitation. It also can be used with any home cinema projector as the image itself never has to move, it’s just the screen masks the bars you would normally see on an image if you were using a normal 16:9 screen.

With ADEO’s Personal Screen System (PSS), the company says customers can expect complete satisfaction with made-to-measure screens that remain consistent with geometric rules and quality standards. With over 50 million available combinations, the possibilities are endless.

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