Russound and Cabasse audio systems can now be controlled using a Control4 automation system, Connected Distribution has revealed. The new drivers are available now for installers to download.

With the release of the new drivers, the Russound range of controller amplifiers, MCA-66, MCA-88 and the streamer equipped MCA-88X, are now controllable by Control4’s automation and control solutions.

This enhancement for the Russound range enables the products to be more easily integrated into whole house solutions where Control4 is used to control lighting, music, video, security and more. For Control4 installers it opens up the opportunity to specify the Russound multi-room audio products in their systems.

In addition to the MCA range of flagship products, the new XZone4 four-zone, four-streamer multi-room amplifier can also be controlled, as can legacy products, the X5 and DMS3.1 streamers, permitting backwards compatibility with existing installs.

In addition to Russound’s products, the Cabasse Stream range is also supported in the new drivers. It gives users access to the major online streaming services from a single system and promises decent margins for the installer.

The six strong collection of products, which includes the new StreamBASE and StreamBAR soundbase and soundbar, provides instant access to all the music stored on the customer’s network, to internet radio stations and streaming from Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal. Multi-room capability is built in to the range, with the simple creation of different zones comprising multiple Stream models.

The new Control4 driver provides two-way control of Cabasse Stream players, via TCP/IP. Discrete preset selection lets the user choose new music from the Control4 interface, as well as control volume level, repeat and shuffle status. Comprehensive metadata feedback to the Control4 interface creates a rich user experience.

Mike Bonnette, product director at Connected Distribution, notes: “Our customers have been asking for Control4 drivers for the Russound and Cabasse products for some time so they can use their favourite products in their Control4 installs. So it’s great news that both companies have now released them and the possibilities that this brings are considerable, with installers now more able to mix and match the hardware they want to specify with the control system they have chosen to use.

“For the Cabasse range in particular the addition of Control4 makes it a very powerful solution for whole house streaming, with extensive features and a very attractive profit margin when compared to other products.”

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