Nu-Vista setting a new standard in the high-end arena

Since its formation Musical Fidelity has said that it has wanted to emulate the real life dynamic reproduction of music. Thanks to the musical talents of the company founder, Antony Michaelson, there was also always a particular eye on delivering the full scale and emotion of big orchestras.

Now, under the stewardship of Heinz Lichtenegger and Audio Tuning, a three-year, million Euro investment results in a product range that delivers on this founding aim. The brand new, re-engineered Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity range features separate pre and power/amplifier solutions that, when combined, deliver a performance that sounds like a dream, according to its maker.

The Nu-Vista PRE pre-amplifier (SRP £20,499.00), PAS stereo power amplifier (SRP £21,999.00) and PAM mono power amplifiers (SRP £20,499.00 each) will begin shipping during early 2023 from specially selected retail partners, capable of exhibiting the true high-end performance these devices have to offer.

Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity product features include:

  • Nuvistor tubes, chosen for their technical characteristics
  • State-of-the-art, fully balanced discrete technology
  • Colour displays with optional VU-Meters and dimmer function
  • Build quality throughout
  • Extensive connection options
  • Purpose-designed matching power supply units for reduced noise and optimal performance
  • ‘Luxury’ feel and ‘class-leading’ sound

Nu-Vista PRE: £20,499.00 (SRP)

Nu-Vista PAS: £21,999.00 (SRP)

Nu-Vista PAM: £20,499.00 each (SRP)

All models will begin shipping in black or silver finish during early 2023.

Additional models will join the Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity range during 2023 and 2024.

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