Loewe kicks off its promised new audio brand with the compact and flexible klang 1 speaker.

One of the busier brands out there currently, Loewe’s audio range builds on what in truth has a been a core competence of the brand for decades.

klang means ‘sound’ in German and ever since the days of the CRT sets, Loewe has always had high-quality speakers built into its sets as well as in more recent times, stand-alone products.

This is however the first time it is launching a complete audio range of its own and represents an attempt to lure more installers into its circle by offering not only a more rounded product offering, but also new more simplified terms for retail dealers and direct access to the brand for installers through specialist distribution such as AWE in the UK.

The klang 1 has been designed as a pair of satellite speakers created to operate in a choice of configurations from stereo to surround sound. The speakers without stand measure 17.7 x 9.5 x 9.5cm HxWxD and are expected to deliver a sub £500 end user price.

Cylindrical in shape, each speaker is covered with black acoustic material, this has aesthetic advantages from an install point of view as well as there are no visible screws, seams or fixings anywhere on the product.

Installers can offer dedicated stand options, wall-mounting, integrated table base or stainless steel floor stand placement.

Inside the speaker boast a 3in full-range drive unit which Loewe says delivers a precisely designed waveguide for optimal sound dispersion.

The speakers are naturally designed to integrating with Loewe TVs and active subwoofers, but should be flexible enough to play nice with whatever amp or AVR is driving them.

Further evidence that Loewe is thinking seriously about the installer comes with some rather neat gilded metal clamps for the cables and some hidden cable management that uses a magnetic cover to hide the connections.

Picks from the company’s other products that work especially well with the new speaker include the recently launched Subwoofer 300.

The klang 1 has been designed to partner Loewe TVs

The klang 1 has been designed to partner Loewe TVs

Partnering these two together, installers can get a voiced matched 2.1 system by using the sub’s three 15cm drivers, one active unit driven by 150W of built-in amplification and two passive radiators as well as plus further on-board amp modules delivering 2x75W to drive the klang 1’s.

Built-in signal processing on sub should ensure that the unit’s don’t tread on each other sonic toes with bass and treble receiving equal prominence.

The fact that Loewe has built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoding on its sets will also allow installers to deliver decoding of these formats via the speakers and also use the TV as a centre channel in a 3.1 set up.

Sets such as the new Bild 7 announced recently, should be a good match. Bung in another pair of klang 1s, a second Subwoofer 300, and a 5.2 system is the result.

When used with a Loewe TV, the speakers can be controlled with the TV’s remote.

This is just the start of a whole family of Loewe audio products and Loewe revealed to Ce Pro Europe that the next one to get announced will be the klang 5, which is a floor standing wireless speaker designed to fit further up the range in terms of performance and price point. The klang 5 will mirror the cylindrical shape of the klang 1s.

Next will be a real departure for the company as it launches the klang m1, which is wireless portable bluetooth speaker.

Both products will be announced this side of the new year, keep your eyes peeled on Ce Pro Europe for the news when it hits.



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