KEF has debuted a new range of subwoofers, with the line-up offering a variety of driver sizes and a price to suit every budget. Dubbed the Kube8b, Kube10b, and Kube12b, these subwoofers all sit below the current T2, R400b and Reference 8b models.

The names of the new Kube range products all correspond to the driver size in inches, meaning the Kube8b has an 8in driver, while the Kube10b and Kube12b have 10in and 12in drivers, respectively. That is the only difference between the various models, however. The rest of the features can be found on every model.

Each model is driven by a 300W Class D amplifier, while also featuring LFE, line and speaker-level inputs, phase selection, EQ tuning presets, and KEF’s smartConnect technology, which automatically detects mono or stereo sub configurations and adjusts the volume levels accordingly.

That’s pretty standard stuff for a KEF subwoofer, although what is new is the company’s new advanced digital signal processing algorithm (DSP) known as iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm extends depth to maximise the capabilities of the custom designed driver; essentially allowing users to play their music louder while remaining undistorted.

The Kube8b, Kube10b, and Kube12b are available to purchase now priced at £500, £600, and £700, respectively.

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