Domotz users can now offer remote tech support and monitor their client’s Legrand Nuvo Player Portfolio whole home music system. Installers will need to subscriber to the

Domotz Pro software adds remote management features to the Nuvo Player Portfolio system that enables integrators and Legrand tech support to work together in real-time to troubleshoot configuration and performance issues. The Domotz-Nuvo pairing is an expansion of the technology partnership announced earlier this year to provide Domotz Pro support for networking products under Legrand’s Luxul brand.

Among the key features the software makes available is the ability to automatically identify and remotely reboot Player Portfolio devices and systems. Integrators can also quickly launch support sessions with Legrand, providing the manufacturer’s tech team temporary remote access to customers’ Player Portfolio systems. In addition, Domotz Pro offers remote monitoring of Nuvo Player Portfolio zone status, networking status and connection history, as well as network status alerts when devices are offline and when new devices are found.

“Domotz Pro for Player Portfolio is important to our customer support strategy because it creates a direct line of communication between our tech team and the integrator for faster real-time troubleshooting that can be carried out remotely,” says Fritz Werder, Legrand VP/general manager, On-Q and Nuvo lines. “We are pleased our relationship with Domotz is expanding in ways that create real value for integrators.”

“We’re very excited to be working with Legrand on innovative remote management and troubleshooting features for its Nuvo Player Portfolio system,” adds Domenico Crapanzano, CEO & co-founder of Domotz. “Legrand is leading the way on a remote management strategy that will add long-term value to their product experience. Both integrators and end users will benefit from this technology.”

According to Fritz, the partnership with Domotz can be seen within the larger context of the Legrand Eliot (Electricity and IoT) Program, which mobilises the company’s global capabilities to speed its development of connected devices wherever the Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance value for professional customers and end-users.

Streamlined Manufacturer Support for Nuvo devices

Launching a Manufacturer Support session via Domotz Pro is designed to be easy and intuitive. A manufacturer support tile is provided for any Player Portfolio device that is found on a network. Through this, integrators can grant the Legrand support team all relevant network and device details so that they can access the customer’s system.

Domotz Pro requires a software agent running on a network to continuously monitor devices and facilitate troubleshooting actions such as remote power and access functions.

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