EI Live! Interactive is a week-long initiative designed as a 2020 digital promotional platform with this year’s EI Live! show being  postponed until next year for obvious reasons.

Register and choose your sessions here. The brochure behind the link outlines exactly what each session will cover as well as times and all the details needed to plan your involvement with EI Live! Interactive

Evan as the pandemic continues, the install industry continues to innovate, introduce new products, support packages and training schemes. These initiatives still need an outlet, and this is the reason show organisers have create the EI Live! Interactive week.

The initiative will consist of webinar style presentations delivered by EI Live! exhibitors bringing the audience fully up to speed on everything the market needs to know in 2020 and beyond. EI Live! Interactive will commence on November 16 and as stated last the entire week, with the install community able to pick and choose which sessions they want to attend.

Show organisers have offered this service entirely free to EI Live! exhibitors as a thank you for supporting the show and as part of the show’s commitment to continuing support for the industry through the pandemic and beyond.

The software platform being used for the event is GoToMeetings which has many benefits and lends itself well to exhibitors presenting their products and services to a live audience, and can also retain a recording of the session offered free to the exhibitor after the event for their own promotional activities.

Take up from EI Live! exhibitors has been fantastic with fulsome support for this new initiaitve.

Brands represented throughout the week will include AWE, Meridian, Faradite, OneAV, Element One, CAVD, Trinnov, Screen Innovations, URC, Krix, Meridian/DbM, Grenton, Avoke, CEDIA, Indigo, Savant, Sound United, Aquavision, Vimar/IMP, Outsourced Audio Visual, Control4, Legrand, Sony, Epson, Lithe Audio, Amina, Origin Acoustics, Monitor Audio and Artcoustic all represented.

Further details and promotion

Each session will last a maximum of 30 minutes, each company can have up to five people on screen during the presentation and all sessions will be totally exhibitor branded. The software also has the facility to hand out brochure/literature live to all attendees during the session with attendees able to drag and drop literature onto their desktop.

Each exhibitor for EI Live! Interactive will also receive the full list of attendees registered for their session for follow up marketing. If exhibitors need the facility, the ATM studio can assist in creating the slide deck for the live presentations.

Naturally the project is going to be promoted widely across ATM’s portfolio including Essential Install and Electrical Contracting News and Data Centre & Network News with news stories, database communications and weekly newsletters in the run up to the event.  

Each session signed for will provide attendees with reminders of when the session is due to start, one week ahead, one day ahead and one hour ahead. The whole programme of exhibitors and sessions will be available to view on a special webpage created for the event where the industry can browse all the topics and exhibitor sessions and sign up for the ones they want.

If you are an EI Live! exhibitor and haven’t booked your slot yet, get in touch by emailing david@allthingsmedialtd.com or by calling +44 (0) 1634 673163. For installers and other industry stakeholders, stay tuned for the sign-up details and session running order!

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