Bluesound has announced a new accessory for installers wanting to include non-wireless active subwoofers into their whole home audio systems. The new accessory is called the RT100 Wireless Speaker Link, and is available now for £99.

Using point-to-point technology, the RT100 allows installers to wirelessly pair any active subwoofer with the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar. To pair with a Bluesound Pulse Sound, the set-up is quick and easy – simply connect the RT100 to a subwoofer via analogue, press the pairing button, and then complete the process using a smartphone or tablet. By adding an external subwoofer, the Pulse Soundbar can focus on reproducing the critical mid and high frequencies in movie soundtracks and music, delivering more bass as well as improved clarity and dynamics. For users of the Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Sub the process is built-in and the RT100 is not required.

The Bluesound Sub can be paired with any Bluesound Player with the addition of one RT100 Wireless Speaker Link.

As a full-range device with both transmitter and receiver functions, installers can connect one RT100 to any Gen 2 Bluesound Player or an existing stereo system with a USB (transmit only) or analogue input, and a second RT100 to any active subwoofer to wirelessly stream audio with added bass while eliminating unsightly cables.

“The RT100 Wireless Speaker Link is the perfect solution for adding a non-wireless subwoofer to their Bluesound music system,” comments Greg Stidsen, director of technology and product planning for Bluesound.

“Customers can also use multiple RT100’s to connect their stereo and powered speakers without the need for messy cabling. Either way, the RT100 Wireless Speaker Link will provide a great benefit for a modest investment.”

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