Armour Home has announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind fully integrated single room music system, dubbed the Systemline E100.

Designed for home developers and installers, the E100 incorporates an integrated DAB+/FM radio and also features Bluetooth connectivity.

Users will be able to benefit from access to a variety of online music services, as well as those stored on local devices.

Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music are among the streaming services supported

The E100 features an OLED control panel which is simply fitted within a standard UK 45mm double gang back box and comes complete with a speaker cable and two 6.5in ceiling mounted speakers from Q Acoustics.

Armour Home believes that its built-in solution will help sell homes, as consumers won’t have to deal with the ‘clutter’ created by the different components of traditional sound systems.

Jonathan Bennett, marketing director at Systemline, comments: “The Systemline E100 is the only product of its kind in the marketplace, creating the opportunity for developers and installers to add the ‘wow factor’ at an extremely competitive price.

“The product is stylishly built in to the fabric of a room and is very easy to install.

“The end result is a highly efficient sound system that adds value to any home without the need to break the bank.”

The E100 comes equipped with an auxiliary input cable that allows consumers to output sound from other devices, including their television.

Users are not required to use the touchscreen either, as the system will ship with a remote control complete with a touch sensitive keypad.

Jonathan adds: “For the past 30 years Systemline has been at the forefront of the built-in music systems industry, continuously focusing on innovation in order to develop a portfolio of market-leading products that offer outstanding quality and value for money.

“The E100 continues this trend and raises the bar for integrated single room audio systems.”

Developers will be offered the system for £425 inc. VAT.

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