Installers will now have easier access to a comprehensive range of award-winning commercial and residential audio products, as part of a new venture launched by Armour Home, the parent company behind a portfolio of leading British audio brands such as Q Acoustics.

‘Premium Audio Installation Solutions’ will consolidate a group of market-leading install products from Armour Home brands, whilst prioritising customer experience through a new online support service.

Premium Audio Installation Solutions – which officially launches this month – brings together the products previously offered by: Q Acoustics Install (installation speakers for indoors and out), Systemline (single room installed audio), Audica (audio systems for commercial installations) and QED Pro (specialist cables and accessories).

The consolidation of these four brands is designed to make life easier for installers by simplifying the portfolio and providing greater flexibility. This will enable partners to search for, identify and order a wider range of residential and commercial products quicker than before, helping to minimise admin time and maximise revenue.

As part of the move, clients will also have access to a new online support service, which provides a range of resources to help customers overcome technical issues, as well as the opportunity to quickly receive after-sales technical support.

The portal also incorporates a knowledge base, containing almost 300 informative articles that offer advice and answer a variety of questions, as well as several video tutorials.

Alex Munro, brands director at Armour Home, says, “We have taken the important step to launch Premium Audio Installation Solutions as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a more streamlined brand experience for UK-based and international installers. By consolidating these four product ranges, we will be able to provide a more efficient and comprehensive service offering, which will allow installers to conduct a wider range of both residential and commercial installations.

“As we embark on this new chapter, our valued customers will now be supported by our online support service, so they can feedback and liaise with us whilst on the go, as well as having access to an abundance of information, tutorials, guides and FAQs.”

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