A new Concept From Q Acoustics

A brand that has built its reputation on strong ‘bang for buck’ ratios, Q Acoustics tested that adage to the full with its flagship product, the Concept 500.

The Concept 500, presented in an elegant design and with innovative audio technology, was designed to deliver way beyond what is expected of its £3,999/$5,999 price point.

Building on the success of its flagship model, the company has developed the Concept 300 (£2,999/$4,499). Harbouring leading edge acoustic and speaker stand technology, this design is billed as company’s most progressive loudspeaker yet, refining and advancing all the technological highlights of its bigger brother, while boasting a statement interior-friendly design.

As its flagship stand-mount model, the Concept 300 sports a premium design and finish to match its audio innovations. Combining real wood veneers with multiple gloss lacquer, the dual finish is created to fit into any interior space, while the introduction of a new eye-catching silver and ebony finish joins the gloss black/rosewood and gloss white/oak models.


The Concept 300 employs the same Dual Gelcore cabinet construction and internal P2P (Point-to-Point) bracing found in the Concept 500. Comprising of three individual layers, separated by a specially developed non-setting gel, this bespoke adhesive dissipates high-frequency vibrations, generated by the moving drivers, into heat to maintain a focused audio performance.

Working in tandem with the Dual Gelcore construction to further eradicate sound-degrading internal vibrations is the extra P2P (Point to Point) bracing fitted to interior areas of the cabinet susceptible to low-end frequency reverberations.

The unique and innovative Tensegrity tripod stand is integral in further reducing the transmission of vibrations and providing a stable support system for the speaker.

Constructed from load-bearing low-profile aluminium rods and thin stainless-steel cables that define and maintain the spatial orientation of the rods, this self-supporting structure, made up of elements either in compression (tubes) or tension (cables), is never subjected to bending force.

Q Acoustics says the outcome is a low surface area that eliminates radiating sound and reflections for a purer sonic performance.

Rigidly coupling a speaker to a stand is crucial to minimising the intensity of vibrational energy and maintain an accurate audio performance. Q Acoustics’ engineers have developed the Isolation base plate system that is integrated into the bottom of the Concept 300 cabinet. Not only does it securely anchor the cabinet to the stand, but provides a flexible suspension system.

The entire mass of the speaker rests on four springs, damped using a special material called Sylodamp. A polyurethane elastomer, precisely tailored to the mass of the speaker converts any vibrational energy in the springs into heat. The result is a more controlled but extended bass response and improved stereo imaging.

Driver design

To preserve the sleek minimalist design and aesthetic – a facade free from unsightly bolt-heads – the Concept 300 adopts a clever design allowing the mid/bass driver unit to be held in place from behind by strong spring-tensioned retaining bolts.

Not only does this remove the need for vibration-attracting decorative trim to hide the screws but it keeps the torque constant with no adjustment needed throughout its lifetime, maintaining a consistent performance.

The Concept 300 also features the wide-dispersion high-frequency driver and isolating mount developed for Concept 500. This design protects the tweeter from sending or receiving unwanted vibrations and allows it to be mounted close to the mid-bass driver, enhancing integration with the larger mid/bass driver and improving timing.

The Q Acoustics Concept 300 dual finish model (including Tensegrity stand) comes in three finishes: Gloss Black/Rosewood, Gloss White/Oak and Silver/Ebony and is available from March 2019 priced £2,999 / €3,749 / $4,499 (SRP). 

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