Q Acoustics has expanded its range of fire and acoustic insulation hoods to cover the company’s entire portfolio of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

The move is intended to help installers, electricians and property developers achieve maximum fire protection and sound absorption, which is particularly pertinent when fitting installed solutions into residential flats, commercial buildings or houses in multiple occupation.

The hoods have been designed to melt when they come into contact with high temperatures, creating a robust seal, and thus slowing the spread of fire between floors.

They comply with Part B and Part E of the UK Building Regulations, maintaining 30-60 minutes of fire-resistant rating. Q Acoustics says the extended range will help installers to meet the legal requirements for hoods to be used in many new buildings that include installed speakers.

In addition to fire protection, the hoods are designed to reduce sound pollution by restoring the acoustic integrity of the ceiling/wall, which is especially valuable when fitted by businesses and/or shops located below residential apartments, or when fitted between floors of residential apartments.

Alex Munro, brand director of Q Acoustics, says, “After a positive initial response, we have now ensured there is a specific fire and acoustic insulation hood tailored to fit each of our installed speakers. We have spoken in-depth with our approved installers and long-standing clients, and they were keen that we combined the speakers and hoods in a cost-effective package.

“Rightly, there is a growing focus on health and safety across new buildings – particularly across large, multi-purpose properties – and by expanding this range we are providing installers with added choice and convenience.”

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