ARCAM Bolsters Radia Series with Streaming Systems and Digital Audio Player

Renowned British maker ARCAM unveils a pair of Class G-powered all-in-one streaming systems and a new flagship digital audio player, further strengthening its award-winning Radia Series.

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group has unveiled three new additions to the ARCAM Radia Series line-up. The ARCAM ST25 is a digital audio player designed to maximise the performance of separates-based set-ups. Joining it are the ARCAM SA35 and ARCAM SA45 all-in-one systems that integrate G Class amplification and high-resolution music streaming to deliver no-compromise audio from single chassis designs, says the maker.

The trio brings the Radia Series to eight models, alongside the A5, A15, and A25 amplifiers, the CD5 disc player and the ST5 music streamer. The ST25 builds upon the legacy of the predecessor, the award-winning ST60, that the maker says set new standards on its debut in 2020. The SA35 and SA45 mark the next evolution of ARCAM’s all-in-one systems, succeeding the SA30. Employing ARCAM’s latest 5th generation Class G amplification and its new streaming platform, the SA35 and SA45 push the boundaries further, delivering superb listening and user experiences, argues Arcam.

The ST25 is ARCAM’s top-of-the-line music streamer, embodying the distinctive style of the Radia Series and applying a fresh approach inside. Building on the successes of the ST60, the ST25 introduces a host of new technologies, including a new digital audio and streaming platform, a redesigned linear toroidal power supply, and an upgraded user interface, including a large, high-resolution full-colour display.

Under the hood, the ST25 features a meticulously engineered layout, including a ground plane that spans the entire board, effectively wicking noise and interference away from the audio components. Equipped with the latest Hyperstream IV DAC topology from ESS, the ST25 also uses a new linear toroidal transformer power supply, which helps maintain lower noise levels throughout the device.

Up front, the ST25 features a 6.5in high-resolution display. It seamlessly connects to a Wi-Fi network using the ARCAM Radia set-up app, offering playback options through Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Roon. The ST25 also includes a control link for ARCAM Radia amplifiers, allowing the two components to boost sonics due to the benefits of isolated components with individual power supplies. The ST25 is a standout choice for audiophiles and the clear pick to partner with the A25 integrated.

The SA35 and SA45 models integrate ARCAM’s latest streaming platform, mirroring the technology found in the ST25, and combine it with the Cambridge maker’s 5th generation G Class amplification to create two exceptional all-in-one systems. Add your preferred loudspeakers, and you’ll have an instant hi-fi system ready to deliver first-class audio experiences.

The SA35 and SA45 models willingly embrace both classic and modern audio set-ups. Equipped with a switchable MC/MM (moving coil/moving magnet) phono stage, they seamlessly integrate with turntables for an authentic vinyl experience. Additionally, HDMI ARC support simplifies cable connections and device control for users connecting compatible TVs. Expect hassle-free set-up and operation. When it comes to wireless devices, the two-way aptX Adaptive Bluetooth module ensures exceptional sound quality, whether you’re streaming music to your system or listening on Bluetooth headphones.

Drawing inspiration from the A49, a former two-channel juggernaut, the SA45 boasts fully balanced digital and analogue audio paths, a redesigned power supply and ARCAM’s 5th generation Class G amplification, delivering a commanding 180W per channel into 8 ohms and 300W into 4 ohms. With an 8.8in high-resolution display, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, subwoofer outputs and Dirac Live Room Correction, the SA45 is one serious slice of Hi-Fi, says the maker. The SA35, offering 120W per channel into 8 ohms and 220 watts into 4 ohms, features a 6.5in high-resolution display and matches the SA45 in streaming capabilities and Dirac readiness. Both models come with a measurement microphone and a remote control to assist with room calibration.

“We were genuinely blown away by the enthusiastic reception our initial Radia Series models received from both consumers and the trade. Seeing folks embrace our fresh take on hi-fi was really gratifying,” says Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning HARMAN Luxury Audio. “Our engineers worked tirelessly to develop the new additions, and the results are exceptional: impeccable design, sleek aesthetics, user-friendly features, and outstanding performance. We can’t wait to introduce this trio to market—they are worthy additions to the ARCAM family.”

ARCAM officially unveiled the three new Radia models at the HIGH END audio show. All ARCAM Radia models feature plastic-free packaging. The new products will be available to retailers and dealers starting from September 2024.


•         ARCAM ST25: £1,499 (GBP) | €1,799 (EUR)

•         ARCAM SA35: £2,999 (GBP) | €3,499 (EUR)

•         ARCAM SA45: £4,499 (GBP) | €4,999 (EUR)

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