Back in June, it was officially announced that the Apple TV would be receiving support for the Dolby Atmos 3D audio format. Thankfully, those who have been patiently waiting for that technology to arrive won’t have much longer to wait, as Apple has confirmed that Dolby Atmos will land on the Apple TV on Monday, September 17.

Dolby Atmos support has been a long time coming – it was the biggest omission when the device launched, even though it supported Dolby Vision. Apple wanted to do the launch correctly, however. That’s why anyone who has bought a movie or TV show on the iTunes store will automatically receive a Dolby Atmos track if one is available, free of charge. That means Apple TV users will be able to watch their favourite films or TV shows all over again with immersive audio from Monday.

Apple’s tvOS 12 update will be bringing multiple new features to the table alongside Dolby Atmos support, including zero sign-on technology, which will allow Apple TV users to login to their favourite pay TV providers if they already have broadband with them, and some new screensavers.

The biggest update for the custom installation industry comes in the form of compatibility for Control4, Crestron and Savant, which is included in tvOS 12. This means users with those home automation systems will be able to control the latest generations of Apple TV, and they can even use Siri for voice search and control.

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