Visit Amina’s stand at ISE to see the most recent addition to its subwoofer range, the ALF120.

Designed with home cinemas in mind – in addition to large room, high sound pressure stereo systems, the ALF120 can be placed within standard wall cavities and vent discretely into the room at floor level.

During the design process, the Amina R&D team investigated various bass-optimised design topologies that would enable conventional subwoofer cone drive units to be incorporated within a very shallow cabinet design.

This research led to the implementation of a unique distributed transmission line design which Amina claims endows the product with high efficiency, deep and fast bass response and a narrow slot opening for the pressure waves to enter the room.

According to the manufacturer, such designs are rarely seen in the market as they require a large, typically visually un-wieldy cabinet.

The ALF120 is 1.6m tall and will comfortably fit within standard 400mm stud-wall bays. Its slot vent measures 315x14mm and can be positioned behind a suitable matching slot created in the room’s skirting board.

The slot vent itself is a unique metal plate design that allows the orientation of the port to be changed by 90 degrees, allowing the subwoofer to be placed flat under sofas or built into joinery that cannot accommodate the product in an upright position.

The fully passive ALF120 will, when powered by a suitable amplifier, generate low frequencies from 26Hz-120Hz with typical in-room sound pressure levels of 111dB.

Amina recommends that high quality power amplifiers with as little as 75Wrms (into 4 Ohm) are sufficient, giving installers and specifiers the added benefit of helping them design systems with smaller rack space requirements and lower energy consumption.

Visit Amina at ISE at 1:P19.

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