A 4K Apple TV with HDR support could be on its way, as Apple is set to release 4K HDR movies onto its online media store, iTunes.

While Apple is hardly the first to offer 4K HDR movies on its online store, iTunes is typically reserved for use by users in the company’s ecosystem. One of the most popular devices for watching movies and TV shows bought on iTunes is on the Apple TV – although as it stands, that device lacks 4K HDR support.

The revelation of 4K HDR movies on iTunes was revealed by a user over at MacRumors. His purchase history showcased the film Passengers being listed as a 4K HDR movie, despite the fact that it only offered the option to download it in HD. This suggests that the feature is not yet ready for primetime, and Apple may have let the cat out of the bag a little earlier than it would have liked.

Users wanting to watch a 4K HDR movie in the Apple ecosystem at the moment will find very few options. Those who don’t mind sitting in front of a computer will be able to enjoy the crisp resolution on a 5K iMac, although its lack of support for HDR will be disappointing to film buffs looking for the very best quality. The LG UltraFine 5K display, that is typically paired with a Mac Mini or Mac Pro, also lacks HDR support, despite the 5K resolution.

With a distinct lack of HDR support in Apple’s product line-up, iTunes users will have to use third-party devices to enjoy these new movies. That’s something Apple will want to avoid, meaning a 4K Apple TV with HDR support is the natural solution.

This is not the first time a 4K Apple TV with HDR support has been rumoured. Earlier this year, CE Pro Europe wrote about the next generation device supposedly being in testing. Some speculated that the new 4K Apple TV with HDR would debut at WWDC, although given the last Apple TV debuted in September 2015 – the new model is likely to arrive around the same time.

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