HDanywhere – the headline sponsor of the EI Live! North show – will be holding an exclusive HDanywhere X Special Event for the custom install community and smart home techies in Media City, Salford Quays in Manchester on October 11 – the evening before the exhibition opens.

HDanywhere will unveil a full suite of product innovations and new system features that it has keeping under wraps whilst in development for the past 18 months.

The event is free for all EI Live! North showgoers to attend, although HDanywhere recommends that installers reserve a spot as soon as is possible to avoid disappointment by registering at www.hdanywhere.com/x.

The venue location remains a closely guarded secret for now, but HDanywhere will be releasing more details on what X attendees can expect over the next two months. Showgoers should also keep an eye out for exclusive info on a range of promotions and activities the company will be running at the Essential Install North show in conjunction with the X Special Event.

What We Know So Far About HDanywhere X

HDanywhere X is not simply the launch of one new HDanywhere product. The X Special Event will see the brand go public about a variety of new HDMI distribution system innovations and designs, provide a preview of the company’s vision for neater AV in the smart home and showcase new ways that both installers and end-users can interact with and experience their devices.

“With nearly two-years of behind-closed-doors product innovations to reveal, there has never been a more exciting time to bring the installer community together,” commented Chris Pinder, MD of HDanywhere.

“We’ve kept a lot under wraps over the past year and what we reveal at the X event is sure to get people talking. Whilst we remain a HDMI distribution brand at heart, the projects we’ve been working on move HDanywhere into the broader smart home and connected technologies arena, making our solutions more relevant and enticing to homeowners than ever before.

“It may seem like 2016 has been a quiet year for HDanywhere but in actuality we’ve used the past 18 months to go back to the drawing board and once again completely rethink matrix design and what we as a brand can offer the smart home industry. HDMI distribution is such a heavily saturated market: custom installers are basically presented with a variety of products that largely look the same and do the same thing for slightly different prices. Truly innovative matrix design and what differentiates one brand from another is the overall experience of installation, as well as how easily and diversely homeowners can use that system within their home after it has been professionally fitted.

“The X Special Event will see us unveil never-seen-before products, announce exciting upgrades to some of our current best-selling lines from 2015/16, and reveal revolutionary features that quite literally no other brand offers – features that will change what people consider a matrix as being able to do within a home.”

Reserve your place at the HDanywhere X Event by visiting www.hdanywhere.com/x.


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