UK distributor Habitech and U.S cinema design service provider CinemaTech are joining forces to offer installers a complete design, specification and presentation package.

Habitech has signed a partnership agreement with CinemaTech, a supplier of bespoke acoustic and aesthetic designs for luxury home theatres. Effective immediately the deal gives Habitech’s customers access to CinemaTech’s established technologies and visualisation tools, developed over two decades for the high-end U.S market.

Through Habitech, CinemaTech will supply UK installers with precision-engineered theatre-room interiors and acoustic treatments customised exactly to client preferences.

Habitech says the Design Service Program involves meticulous consultation, producing performance-mapped drawings of seating layout, sightline views, viewing angles and acoustical analysis, followed by accurate 3D renders of the design before work starts. Incorporated within every project is CinemaTech’s patented Acoustic Room System, developed to create the optimum acoustic environment for compelling home theatre experiences.

It’s maker says it is the only acoustic wall treatment system that achieves sound performance down to 100Hz from just 3.2cm of profile depth. With an engineered combination of high frequency, reflective and low-frequency absorption/diffusion acoustic panels, CinemaTech tunes the theatre environment to achieve the high performance from the client’s audio system investment.

Commenting on the move, Habitech MD Jonathan Pengilley, says, “The key to unlocking the immersive magic of home theatre is getting the system, room acoustics and the room design to blend perfectly. With CinemaTech’s proven expertise complementing our high-performance product portfolio, we can offer cinema designers the complete package, and the chance to win business at the most exclusive level.”

Visitors to Habitech’s TechFest event will be the first to experience CinemaTech’s design technology, installed throughout Habitech’s new suite of demonstration spaces.

TechFest will be held at Basingstoke 24-27 September 2018. To register, visit the Techfest page on the Habitech website

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