Faradite is committing to making its ISE 2022 exhibition in Barcelona carbon negative.

Faradite’s Matt Emberson says, “Trade shows are an important part of our strategy, but we cannot avoid the fact they can create sizable carbon emissions. Transporting the trade show by road, the flights our staff take and even the power used on the trade show all contribute to our carbon footprint. So, Faradite has committed to taking steps to ensure they address the environmental impact for the upcoming trade show.”

Matt continues, “Simply put; we are committing to plant and protect trees to remove more carbon from the environment than our ISE2022 exhibition will put out.”

Faradite has provided some transparency by explaining what the company estimates their carbon output to be from exhibiting, details of this can be found on their blog on the subject. Faradite is committing a 4 tonne offset which is more than double the estimated output from doing the show, meaning the company is not only exhibiting carbon neutral, but going one step further to make it carbon negative.

To help achieve this they are working with Carbon Footprint Ltd who are a UK based company that offer tree planting and protecting services to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Faradite has previously made other steps to improve its environmental impact by moving to FSC approved packaging tape on parcels and carefully designing product packaging to drastically reduce the amount of single use plastic used. Faradite looks forward to meeting new and existing customers at ISE2022.

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