On Stand 5R110 at ISE 2020, speaker maker Waterfall will introduce a new design approach for its in-wall subwoofer in the form of the SUB IW FLEX200.

End users will be able to enjoy crisp and clear bass within this 9.9cm deep in-wall product. The maker says the Waterfall SUB IW FLEX200 features a new design approach close to a designed radiator with its paintable front cover, offering a more aesthetically pleasing in-room presence than regular grills.

Created at the new Waterfall Design Center, the company also underlines that it went to great lengths to deliver on detail and to make the life of the installer easier.

Ease of installation

Key points include

  • Designed around a ‘smart’ backbox with only 50 x 59.9 x 9.9cm dimensions, installation in drywalls or any custom furniture with SUB IW FLEX200 is designed to be much easier.
  • Waterfall says the SUB IW FLEX200 presents the great advantage of being active with its built-in 200W amplification, making set up easy with zone players (optionally the amp can be fixed in a rack if needed)   
  • From technical point of view SUB IW FLEX200 features the driver and bass reflex simultaneously radiating from the front panel directly into the room for natural bass response.
  • Driver and amplifier are able to be fitted once the project is clear of dust and any other risks.
  • Solidly built in France from dense MDF wood, CNC machine cut.
  • Uses the award winning ATOHM 18cm driver coupled with ATOHM 200W amp, giving strong musical sound performance with an impressive performance / size / price ratio.
  • Installation and connections flexibility for Hi-Fi or home cinema (amplifier /integrated pre-amplifier with or without pre-out exit)
  • Wide tuning possibilities: phase inverter, variable frequency cut off, variable slopes: 24 or 12 dB/oct or LFE mode (for home cinema use)
  • Dual voltage choice: 110 V / 220 V

Ultimately the product has been created to offer strong bass performance, with no loss of floor space, ease of install and an appealing design. Its ships in Q2 of 2020 and there are strong rumors of a further announcement regarding a new distribution partner for the brand.  

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