Cabasse unveils THE PEARL MYUKI

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The new ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, high-resolution connected, active battery-powered speaker from THE PEARL Collection has been unveiled by Cabasse.

Six years after launching the first connected speaker from THE PEARL collection, now enriched with more than nine connected audio solutions, Cabasse, French High-Fidelity acoustics maker, unveils THE PEARL MYUKI, a new model of portable, battery-powered, connected, ultra-compact, and elegant high-resolution active speaker.

Despite its compact size, this new Cabasse speaker delivers a sound that is both exceptionally balanced and powerful, argues the maker. This is largely thanks to its new speakers, capable of producing up to 109 dB in stereo: a DOM 45 wideband speaker and two high-12 cm bass drivers arranged in a Push-Push layout, operating within a very compact enclosure. These drivers are equipped with honeycomb-structured membranes, ensuring precise, firm and tight bass, says Cabasse.

For those who seek quality sound at home or while traveling, wirelessly and with sound tailored to their preferences, THE PEARL MYUKI incorporates top-notch technologies found in high-end Cabasse systems. These include high-resolution streaming, DFE adjustment (which optimises the audio spectrum in real time based on the listening level, spectral content, and dynamics of the music), automatic CRCS room calibration to optimise sound within the space and tonal spectrum adjustment.

The speaker boasts a 12-hour battery life, allowing for cable-free use on a terrace or while on the move. Another innovative feature is its Smart Wi-Fi capability, ensuring uninterrupted music playback when switching between Wi-Fi networks (WiFi 5, 2.4, or Mesh).

HR connected active speaker for Mono or Stereo use in Duo

With THE PEARL MYUKI, users can opt for mono or acquire two for stereo mode by pairing them, delivering a combined power close to 200W RMS. Those already equipped with a Cabasse connected speaker can integrate THE PEARL MYUKI into their current system for multi-room use in mono or stereo. It serves as an ideal complement in settings like kitchens, offices, or bedrooms, especially when paired with another THE PEARL speaker located elsewhere in the house. Additionally, all Cabasse connected systems can be easily paired and controlled via the unique StreamCONTROL application, allowing for NAS use or Airplay 2 compatibility.

THE PEARL MYUKI offers comprehensive connectivity, enabling connection to a TV, turntable, CD player, or NAS via its optical cable. It features an Ethernet port and a 3.5mm jack on the back, as well as the ability to play content from a USB/USB-C drive.

With its lifestyle design featuring rounded shapes, THE PEARL MYUKI is an elegant jewel of a speaker that seamlessly integrates into any interior décor, says the maker. It’s available in matte black or matte white finishes with chrome bezels and details in black or silver. Additionally, its woofers feature an embossed Lissajous pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to its aesthetic appeal.

With a diameter of 17 cm and weighing approximately 2 kilograms, THE PEARL MYUKI can be easily moved from room to room thanks to its discreet integrated handle. For outdoor use, the included custom-made bag, which allows for hand or shoulder carrying, comes into play. Additionally, it can be mounted on the wall using a compatible Cabasse wall bracket.

In terms of ergonomics, THE PEARL MYUKI features six illuminated LED tactile keys with discreet haptic feedback, making control easy (source/play, pause/volume/power). The speaker is available from June 2024.


Sound level: 103 dB peak mono 109 dB peak stereo

Bandwidth: 30 – 23,000Hz

Medium-tweeter: Dôme 45

Woofer 2x 12 cm

Ethernet – WiFi – Bluetooth – 3.5 mm jack – USB-C

SPDIF optics

Formats MP3 – WAV – AAC – WMA – AIFF – FLAC – ALAC – Ogg – Vorbis – DSD 64/128 – WMA lossless

Automatic calibration

High-Resolution Multi-room

Dimensions: 186 x 174 x 180 mm

Weight 2.1 kg

Custom carrying bag included

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