In cooperation with StormAudio and Perlisten Audio, Dirac Live Active Room Treatment is sure to inspire an awesome in-room response, according to the maker.

Fresh from triple award-winning success at the recent CES event, Dirac and partners StormAudio and Perlisten Audio will be reprising a demonstration of Dirac’s new ‘Live Active Room Treatment’ at a private invitation-only showing, off-campus at ISE.

The CES experience, involving the new Dirac EQ technology onboard with Storm Audio processing/amplification through a Perlisten Audio 5.3 ‘S Series’ speaker system, has been recognised by no fewer than three show awards from the expert listeners at Sound & Vision (Editor’s Pick CES 2023), AVS Forum (Best of CES 2023) and Residential Systems (CES 2023 Picks Award).

Dirac’s ART software, which upgrades its Live digital room-correction tool, removes the need for physical room treatments by analysing the entire audio system (rather than individual speakers) and its interaction with room boundaries, applying spatial optimisation via cancellation waves. Effectively, each speaker is used as an active cancellation device to eliminate undesirable frequencies emerging from other speakers and the room.

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment is available only on StormAudio’s processors and AVRs until 1 October 2023. Designers and integrators at ISE will be able to experience its effects exclusively at a private off-site demonstration nearby, and also at the High-End Show Munich and CEDIA US later in the year.

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