JBL Stage Architectural Series Debuts At EI Live! 2022

HARMAN Luxury – the group behind the quintet of classic brands that comprise ARCAM, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, and Revel – is bringing an incredible stack of JBL gear to Essential Install Live 2022. The line-up will include live and static displays made up of the US maker’s latest models, including the first UK showing of JBL’s new Stage Architectural Series, a range of eight models available in various configurations for in-wall and in-ceiling installation.

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JBL designed the Stage Architectural Series to blend into the environment, leaving that iconic JBL sound to grab all the attention. Showgoers can check out the installation-friendly design touches, including visually discrete zero-bezel grilles, and inspect JBL engineering smarts such as baffles with acoustic smoothing, acoustic lens tweeters, and patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horns.

The JBL stand’s live demonstration consists of three systems; a 3.1 version, a concealed approach, and an outdoor set-up displayed in the stand’s garden area. That 3.1 version will include JBL’s SDP-58 immersive surround sound AV preamplifier and its partner in AV thrills, the SDA-7120 multichannel power amplifier. The SDP-58 fully supports Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, and Auro-3D immersive audio formats.

It houses DIRAC Live with Bass Control room EQ, which, combined with JBL’s system enhancements, provides exceptionally accurate system tuning. Add a full suite of digital and analogue connectivity, DANTE digital audio networking and HDMI 2.1 (8K Ultra HD) AV switching with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ dynamic video, plus IMAX Enhanced certification and the phrase ‘fully loaded’ jumps to mind. The 16-channel SDA-7200 perfectly complements its fellow JBL Synthesis products. Its high-power design allows it to power virtually any high-quality speaker system, from premier in-ceiling speakers to the largest floor-standing models.

The SDP-58 and SDA-7200 combo will drive a trio of SCL-6 loudspeakers plus an SSW-4 in-wall subwoofer system. The SCL-6 is the largest in-wall model from the JBL Synthesis Custom Loudspeaker (SCL) range, and visitors can view the rest of the SCL line as part of the JBL stand’s static display.



Next up is the ‘Conceal wall’. Here the multi-skilled JBL SA750 streaming integrated stereo amplifier provides the power and source, driving loudspeakers from the JBL Conceal Series, including the range’s flagship, the Conceal C86, a 3-way dual panel design with a separate LF panel and a 5-driver, 2-way MF/HF panel.

JBL’s third dem is one for fans of the great outdoors. Coined ‘the garden area’, this section shows how JBL provides audio solutions for all areas of the home, including its exterior. Recognising that even summer 22 in the UK finally gave way to the rain, JBL is showing two models from its JBL Stage XD Series, including the all-weather Stage XD-6, which rates IP67, indicating its waterproof cabinet.

JBL stand visitors can also examine the talented and flexible 4305P active stereo loudspeaker. Launched this year, the 4305P is the first active speaker in its maker’s Studio Monitor range. Bringing pro music studio looks, built-in power, and hi-res streaming smarts, the 4305P is a high-end hi-fi system ingeniously packed into a pair of beautifully built, compact speaker cabinets. Used as a main system or a second-room solution, the 4305P effortlessly meets the demands of today’s music streaming-hungry audio fans, while its XLR connections point to its pro credentials.

To find JBL at EI Live! 2022, head to Stand 40.

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