CEDIA will be hosting a training and networking event on 1-2 June for French-based home technology professionals at the Splendid Hotel in Nice.

The two-day event will feature a range of manufacturer product training courses and CEDIA education sessions, hosted by two local CEDIA members. 

Day one will follow the format of a CEDIA Tech Forum, where attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a number of 60-minute manufacturer product training sessions.

These courses will be hosted by the six event sponsors, including B&W Group, Crestron, Genesis Technologies, Meridian, Prestige Distribution and Vivateq.

Day two will be split into two CEDIA training sessions, running before and after lunch.

Marc-Etienne, owner of custom install company, The Dark Side of the Room will be presenting the morning course, entitled ‘How to work Effectively with Architects’.

This course will advise attendees on how to be part of the design team effectively and will discuss how to understand key stakeholders and decision makers.

Attendees will also learn how to deal with issues of ownership of the project and how to take advantage of regular trade.

The afternoon session, entitled ‘Pieces of Design for Immersive 3D Sound’ will be hosted by Dominque Rigolet, owner of Audire and will focus on Dolby, Auro and SDR output formats for immersive 3D sound.

Using practical examples, this course covers how to draw a room and position the speakers to ensure the best results for your customers, regardless of audio format.

There are only 15 spaces available for both sessions, so those wishing to attend should book now.

The first session is priced at £50 for members and £70 for non-members, while the second course is £70 for members and £90 for non-members.


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