Making Remote Monitoring Work For Your Business, takes place on February, 18, at 9 AM, UK time.

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Why is remote monitoring a ‘must-have’ for all integrators? How will it help you build and sustain positive, long-term relationships with your customers? And, how can it be operationalised to gain efficiency, value, and in some instance’s additional income with service models? 

This is the vital area of the market now and into the future that we will be examining in the next EI Tech Talk Series.

Join Nicolai Landschultz from IndigoZest and James Ratcliffe from Homeplay, both prominent industry leaders and Control4 Certified Showroom partners; as well as Evan Marty, Principal Product Manager for the SnapAV/Control4 remote monitoring platform, OvrC, in discussion with Jeff Hayward from The Integrated Home Podcast to examine this expanding and exciting sector. This special EI Live Tech Talk will also include a fully interactive and live Q&A session.

Whether you have been using remote management for years or are just getting started, this important session is not to be missed!

Readers can access all the previous EI Live Tech Talk Series from the tab at the top of this website. Click the tab and watch/listen.

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