In light of the relaxation in pandemic lockdown restrictions which now sees groups of up to 30 people able to socialise outdoors, technology integrators can capitalise on a likely surge in demand for high quality outdoor audio systems, one opportunity is with the introduction of Episode Landscape from Control4 + SnapAV.

“A new sense of freedom to enjoy larger outdoor social gatherings puts installers in a great place to provide the premium home entertainment soundtrack to their clients’ Summer,” says Phil Hardaway, Control4’s Regional Audio Expert. “We’re really excited to introduce Episode’s weather-resistant Landscape series to the UK market to help installers elevate that experience and take advantage of the growing demand. The range offers exceptional design and sound quality together with the looks that will ensure they blend in perfectly with any garden environment. They also offer a choice and the flexibility that integrators are looking for to make installation a quick, simple and, ultimately, very straightforward job.”

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Episode is an established US loudspeaker brand that’s been brought to the UK through Control4’s merger with SnapAV, and has been designed, built, and refined for dealers based on feedback from integrators says the maker. At the core of Episode are Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) scientific principles, adhering to three sound philosophies: low distortion, wide dispersion and flat frequency response for lifelike sound. Episode Landscape includes Premium Satellite, Terrain Satellite, Rock, Omni-Directional and Episode 500 Cabinet Speakers alongside a wide range of complementary Sub-Woofer options. Solutions are available as 8Ohm, 70V or hybrid systems to allow installers and their clients a preference in choosing and controlling audio quality, amplifiers, sources, ease of integration and wiring.  

Premium Satellite speakers are designed to appear as typical landscape lighting fixtures and offer broad 110o coverage for maximum effect, and variable 70V tap settings with an 8Ohm bypass enables discrete volume adjustment at each individual speaker. Terrain Satellite speakers are ideal as an affordable 4.1 package system for use with 2 channel or multi-channel 8Ohm amplifiers and powered zone 2 of AV Receivers. Both Premium and Terrain speakers are easy to set up and install with optional accessories supplied for tree, wall or surface mounting, if required.

Ensuring minimal visual impact, Episode Rock speakers are available in 6in and 8in options and a choice of single or dual voice coil (DVC) versions while the Episode Omni-Directional speaker provides 360O acoustical coverage and includes a polypropylene woofer design for full outdoor coverage. Designed for cabinet or surface mounting, the Episode 500 Series features 14 models with different size (4in, 6in and 8in), colour (black and white), voice coil (Single and Dual) and 8Ohm and 70V options available. Improved audio performance with greater bass output in a smaller form factor is achieved thanks to the unique breather design, polypropylene woofer and titanium tweeter, and a new locking bracket allows for quick and easy installs without any risk of speaker sag.

Supporting this range, Episode Sub-Woofers with their special 8Ohm design can provide the bass to add real depth to the audio experience and get any outdoor party started, claims the company. Both burial and hardscape options are available whilst the Terrain subwoofer can be used as a DVC subwoofer with any surface mount speakers.

“This Episode Series delivers on everything installers and their clients could want from an outdoor audio experience,” adds Phil.  “They’re robust enough to withstand anything the climate can throw at them, and discreet enough to bring music to gardens, patio and barbecue areas, around hot tubs and swimming pools from hidden locations. The option of 8Ohm, 70V, or a hybrid combination of these two systems gives great flexibility on speaker layout, audio performance and wiring that again eases the whole specification and installation process. We’re all ready to enjoy a return to outdoor living and partying this Summer. Integrators and Episode can bring the music that makes it happen for their clients, their families and their friends.”

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