Dynaudio Highlights Additions To Custom Studio Range

Dynaudio has revealed that its new left/centre/right (LCR) system and DVC (dual voice-coil) in-ceiling speakers, part of the Custom Studio range, will begin shipping this March.

The S4-LCR65 system, which won best-in-show awards from CE Pro and Residential Systems at 2017’s CEDIA Expo, allows the creation of bespoke vertically or horizontally oriented left, centre and right three-way speaker channels.

It is described as a discreet, elegant system that matches the company’s finest traditional stand-mounted and floor-standing speakers for sonic accuracy, output and dynamics. The LCR system’s modular design was conceived to make it flexible.

The S4-LCRMT mid/tweeter and S4-LCR65W woofer modules fit around standard 16in studs (meaning no saws, sawdust or extra hassle), and the individual modules are simply connected using speaker wire. Their frames can be attached and installed in a single cut-out, or spaced out to create a customised single channel.

The mid/tweeter module can be positioned either way up, and at any height in the array to create focus and precise imaging. It also includes a tweeter level switch to allow even more fine-tuning and to match the high-frequency output to different system configurations, room furnishings or acoustic treatments.

Like the rest of the Dynaudio Custom range, all the S4-LCR65 modules mount into their frames without any tools. The frames use a special integrated counter-spring that prevents unwanted sonic vibrations, while keeping everything solidly connected.

Each module uses a passive crossover with a three-position switch, pre-configured to standard LCR channel configurations that use one or two connected woofer modules.

There’s also a bypass position to enable an unlimited number of fully active and completely customised S4-LCR65 system setups with external DSP processing and a dedicated amplifier channel for every driver.

The LCR system can be installed behind acoustic fabric or acoustically transparent screens, and is complemented by five different optional paintable white grilles (four standard-sized and one customisable).

The speakers themselves use the same materials and technologies as Dynaudio’s high-end hi-fi and professional studio loudspeakers: soft-dome tweeters with strong neodymium magnet systems; MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones and large-diameter aluminium voice-coils with internal magnet systems.

Dynaudio says all the tech is proven to offer clear, accurate reproduction with optimised dispersion, excellent power-handling, high dynamics and extremely low distortion.

The S4-LCR65 is also matched to Dynaudio’s other Studio-series in-wall and in-ceiling custom installation speakers and dedicated subwoofers.

Michael Munch, chief product officer, says: “We’re really excited to deliver an LCR solution that combines all of Dynaudio’s core values in one product. Listeners get outstanding performance, real innovation and great design, while installers get total ease of installation and the flexibility to solve the problems faced in many projects.”

Dual voice-coil in-ceiling speakers

The S4-DVC65 dual voice-coil in-ceiling speaker brings more flexibility to the range. Its dual tweeters let users listen to either a mono or stereo signal from a single speaker, making it well suited for hallways, closets, bathrooms and situations where there isn’t space for more than one installation.

Like the conventional Studio series round speaker units, the tweeter’s level can be adjusted, and because they can be angled, users can aim the sound exactly to where it’s needed. A separate switch on the back allows users to change the speaker to dipole mode for surround applications. The maker says the bonus is that listeners get another Dynaudio voice-coil, which is wound from aluminium rather than copper for its superior power-handling, cooling and energy transfer properties.


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