DALI has designed and developed loud DALI Gets Ready For EI Live! 2021speakers in-house in the company factory in Noerager, Denmark since 1983. Offering an exciting range of loudspeakers to suit every taste, DALI speakers are characterised by strong quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room.

On demonstration will be the PHANTOM M-375, one of the latest additions to DALI’s CI range. The PHANTOM M series consists of two versatile models; the PHANTOM M-250 and PHANTOM M-375. Although different in technologies, both models offer a spacious and impressive performance from a very slim cabinet, both measuring 250 x 775 mm and only 100 mm in depth. With integrated sealed back-boxes made with low-loss glass-reinforced ABS, each model delivers best-in-class sound along with quick and easy installation. The PHANTOM M series proves that a slim in-wall speaker can deliver the authentic DALI sound without visually dominating the room.

The PHANTOM M-375 integrates one larger 7in woofer which employs the full core of SMC technology and DALI’s famous wood fibre cone material, a hybrid tweeter module with both Ribbon and Soft Dome tweeters and two passive radiators. The passive radiators support the woofer to deliver tight and impressive bass weight, whilst the hybrid tweeter system adds articulate and well-balanced treble.

The PHANTOM E and H series will also be on display. The DALI PHANTOM E series is designed for optimum in-ceiling use, but can also be mounted for in-wall solutions. The compact sized construction and easy-to-use compass positioning system, makes placing the speaker for the optimum sound experience simple. Two discreet switches offer audio adjustment options to ensure that the listener gets the most from the speakers, even in rooms that traditionally are difficult to handle acoustically.

The DALI PHANTOM H series is an in-wall speaker range built around traditional speaker technologies. At its core is the widely recognisable DALI woofer cone made from a mix of paper pulp and wood fibre. The powerful low-loss magnet system delivers precision and timing to the low frequencies and the ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter adds great resolution to the high frequencies. Together, they blend into a very coherent, highly detailed, clear and natural soundstage.

Join DALI at stand 126 alongside Into AV Distribution.

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