CEDIA is to hold a training course on January 12 designed to introduce installers to the world of CAD Design – a fundamental part of many integrators lives in 2016.

Designing systems correctly and accurately is an integral part of any successful installation and AutoCAD software is the industry standard tool for producing these designs, as well as for architects and engineers.

CEDIA’s Introduction to CAD Design has been launched to give a fundamental understanding of how to use the AutoCAD software, including practical examples in a CI context.

The course is for integrators who want to develop their technical skills and knowledge to be able to work closely with architects throughout the design stage of a project. CEDIA will also give all attendees a free trial copy of the AutoCAD software.

This one-day course has been designed to give a basic understanding of many of the essential AutoCAD drawing commands and skills necessary to use Computer Aided Design software. 

AutoCAD is the industry standard for Architects & Engineers and is widely used in residential, industrial, commercial and retail design.

Custom Installation businesses use CAD to overlay their own wiring schematics onto architects’ drawings as well as producing bespoke cabinet, schematic or other designs relating to equipment housing or location.

CEDIA has brought in course trainer Phill Poston to explain the background on some of the most widely used features as well as drawing a room from a survey sketch and adding a basic AV layout. Turning this into a basic 3D model and printing it off in Adobe Acrobat ‘PDF’ format.

This course should give students a good grasp of the AutoCAD software and how it can simply be applied to AV install projects. Full course notes are provided and can be retained by students for future reference with time for Q&A being offered before, during and after the course.

The course agenda is as follows:

• Introduction to CEDIA & course Agenda

• Introduction to CAD: The concept, what we use it for

• How it works: Lines, Arc’s & Circles. Layers & Limits

• Layers: How the Layers should be used

• Survey: Draw-up the Survey plan. Walls, Windows & Doors

• WBlocks: Symbol Library’s & Setting Out

• 3D Models. x,y & z points in space

• Printing: It’s no good if we can’t send it to the client

• Q&A / wrap up

To attend installers need to have a familiarity of PCs and Windows, but no other specific knowledge is required. They will also need to bring their own laptop with at least a two button mouse with centre scroll wheel.

Computers should have at least 2GB of RAM, although AutoCAD will run smoother on higher-specced PCs with 4GB of RAM or more. An Intel Core i5 or i7 will also help with the smooth running of the AutoCAD software, but is not required.

The trial version of the AutoCAD software will be active for 30 days, but the software can be purchased from Autodesk at any time.

Installers wishing to partake in CEDIA’s latest course will find it located at the organisation’s headquarters in St Neots, with it beginning at 9:30am on January 12. It’s available exclusively to CEDIA members with a £202.80 price tag, which includes VAT, lunch and daytime refreshments.

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