CAI turns its attention to architects, specifiers and other procurement experts and explains how important CAI members are to construction in the early design stage.

CAI was formed in 1978 to represent and establish standards in the rapidly growing TV signal reception industry.

Although the technologies its members work with have developed beyond anyone’s expectations since CAI was formed, the company’s core strengths remain the same. 

“We set industry standards, and vet applications to join,” says CAI. “Specifiers who use a CAI member can be confident that the member they choose will have the skills and expertise necessary to complete their work to the expected standard.”

CAI now represents businesses of all sizes from sole traders to multinationals, who specialise in many different areas of the industry. Members work in both the domestic and commercial sectors, but whether the CAI member is an installing company, consultant, distributor or manufacturer, they are all experts in their area of the audio, video and data reception and distribution industry.

Architects, specifiers and other procurement experts have long specified that CAI members undertake works and that CAI Codes of Practice are followed when installing TV and other networks in new and refurbished developments. However, CAI is aware that not all specifiers check whether work is being undertaken by a member or that the latest version of its Codes of Practice is being followed. 

CAI’s Code of Practice for Systems was updated in late 2021, but the company sees many examples of work being tendered using older versions, some as old as 15 years.

“It is important that CAI Members are contracted to complete instals, especially of systems in apartment blocks, schools, hospitals and commercial buildings,” advises CAI. “Only CAI system members have their work assessed before they can join and on an ongoing basis, ensuring a high quality and reliable service, as well as having to hold the correct levels of insurance and work to the latest Health and Safety Standards. Only CAI Members must use CAI Certified cables and antennae, including installing cables that meet the latest CPR requirements.

“Ultimately only CAI Member clients have access to our complaints process and ADR route in the unlikely event of there being a dispute during or after the work is carried out.

“It is equally important that you specify the latest Code of Practice for Installation of Terrestrial and Satellite TV Reception Systems (MDU & Commercial) and for Electrical Safety Requirements for Signal Reception Systems. Only this way can you be sure of getting the latest specification and technology, and most up to date working practices, ensuring quality work and long lasting installations.”

You can find the latest versions of CAI Codes of Practice here. You can check if a contractor is a CAI Member here or by calling the CAI Office on 01923 803030.

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