The Chord Company has launched Clearway Digital – a high-performance digital coaxial cable designed to deliver the full potential of today’s high-quality digital music.

Clearway Digital is an all-new Tuned Aray digital audio cable costing just £100.

Available in a wide range of terminations, including a 3.5mm mono jack for today’s high-performance portable devices, Clearway Digital uses an oxygen-free copper conductor combined with gas-foamed polyethylene insulation and woven copper shield.

Standard terminations include Chord’s direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs as well as silver-plated BNC plugs.

The Chord Company has also recognised the increasing importance of high-performance portable DACs and is offering Clearway Digital terminated with a 3.5mm mono jack.

“Right now, the musical experience that very affordable DACs are able to produce is quite extraordinary and to some extent, it produces challenges when it comes to recommending cables to fully exploit their performance,” says The Chord Company.

“Many contemporary DACs truly deserve far better cables than they are typically used with. The Clearway Digital is an affordable solution to a truly coherent and involving musical experience. The technology is unique and so is the performance. This is a cable that anybody with a DAC should investigate and listen to.”

Clearway Digital is available in the following options: 1m RCA to RCA £100; 1m RCA to 3.5mm mini-jack £100; 1m RCA to BNC £105; 1m BNC to BNC £110, although custom lengths are available in all terminations.

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