The new Chord Company Bridge is a British designed and engineered shorting plug, created to reduce high-frequency noise interference in high-performance hi-fi equipment.

Offering protection from noise for devices with unused power supply upgrade ports, such as Naim Audio’s NDX and NDX 2 audiophile network music players, the Chord Company Bridge shorting plug works by reducing HF noise on the critical signal ground.

Hand-built in the UK, the Bridge offers an instant upgrade over the basic unshielded shorting plugs supplied with audio equipment, introducing a no-compromise, noise-reduced solution for discerning audiophiles.

Benefiting from a high-quality heavy-gauge machined aluminium chassis for both acoustic and electrical isolation, the Chord Company Bridge also offers the Wiltshire company’s flagship proprietary Taylon insulation material throughout the internal wiring. Further features include resin-damped internals to further increase acoustic isolation.

A strictly limited number of Chord Company Bridges have been manufactured and are available only while stocks last.

Price and availability

The Chord Company Bridge is available now priced at £500.

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