Cabasse releases RIALTO

The best of Cabasse connected audio in a wireless, luxurious, and compact system!

Cabasse has announced the release of the RIALTO: The first Cabasse connected active speakers in a classic bookshelf format. The result of the brand’s acoustic know-how and the integration of the latest software connectivity technologies developed by Cabasse Group’s R&D teams, these elegant and compact speakers deliver optimal listening pleasure, whether in Hi-Fi mode or to enjoy precise and dynamic sound on television.

RIALTO, designed as a symbol of the historical bridge between Hi-Fi and connectivity. Inspired by the most famous and oldest bridge in Venice, this new audio system named RIALTO symbolises the junction between traditional Hi-Fi and the connected technologies developed over the last 10 years by Cabasse. It embeds the best acoustic and software technologies and is composed of two connected active speakers, in a compact bookshelf format, with soft and rounded lines reminiscent of the Murano.

Although very compact, RIALTOs have the potential to provide the emotion and impact of live sound, with vocals that stand out and instruments that crowd the space, says the maker. They deliver the full dynamics and precision of high-resolution recordings. A technological achievement made possible by numerous Cabasse innovations including….

  • Patented HELD (High Excursion Low Distortion) woofers capable of delivering powerful, deep, accurate, and above all distortion-free bass. With a diameter of only 17cm, the driver design enables a very high excursion without the magnet coming out of the field for maximum impact without distortion.
  • Three speakers disposed on the same axis. This coaxial technology, developed by Cabasse as early as 1952 and constantly improved since then, allows all sound waves to spread out from a single source point so that they travel coherently and naturally, without interference and artificial colouring of the sound.
  • A perfect synergy between the amplification and the loudspeakers thanks to the patented DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performance) technology developed by the Cabasse R&D teams. This technology enhances the performance of the loudspeakers via a dynamic multi-band signal processing with feedback loops that allow to exploit all the available amplification power, for a distortion-free rendering of the ‘peaks’.

Calibrated sound for your home!

Deserving of the most high-end systems, with its built-in microphone, this system has been designed and developed to deliver optimal listening quality, says its creator thanks to Cabasse’s patented automatic room calibration. With the Cabasse Stream CONTROL application, users will be able to further personalise their sound through innovative optimisation tools developed to fit homes and preferences.

To bring high-end sound to every room in the house, users can group RIALTO with other Cabasse connected systems, including the lifestyle THE PEARL range. It is, therefore, possible to create zones to listen to different sources (streaming, TV, turntable, etc.) from anywhere in the house.

While RIALTO offers the ability to listen to all sources and music platforms in stereo, it also includes a TV jack that allows users to experience every movie with improved dynamics. Users can also control the volume with a TV remote control when the speakers are connected via the integrated e-ARC technology.

Available in white or satin black, RIALTO is a billed as an elegant bookshelf system that will match any interior. Its 13cm co-axial carbon fibre midrange tweeter is surrounded by a brushed aluminium frame. A chrome base elevates the speaker for an aerial design. There is also a magnetised metal grille to protect the driver.

RIALTO presents on its main speaker a touch screen control, convenient and useful, whether to simply increase or decrease the volume with its rotation ring, change sources, or add or modify favourite radios, without having to go through the application. The colour LCD video screen also displays the jackets of the albums being played. As it is standard with Cabasse connected systems, software updates will allow the screen interface to evolve.

Technical specifications:

• Stereo system

• Max volume 121 dB peak stereo

• Frequency range 30 – 27,000 Hz

• Speakers drivers: 13 cm BCI coaxial midrange x 2

• 17 cm HELD woofer x 2

• Amplification x 2 :

o Treble: 300 W RMS / 600 W peak

o Midrange : 300 W RMS / 600 W peak

o Bass : 450 W RMS / 900 W peak

• Weight: 19.5 kilos

• Dimensions: 26 x 20.6 x 23.9cm

• Supported formats MP3 – AAC -WMA – AIFF – FLAC – ALAC – Ogg- Vorbis – DSD 64/128 – WMA lossless

• Connectivity: Ethernet – Wi-Fi – Bluetooth – Optical SPDIF – Analog RCA – USB – TV jack

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