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Faradite has announced the introduction of the company’s brand new Motion Sensor 360 – IP67 – Volt Free, an IP67 rated volt free motion sensor, that opens up a whole new world of automation possibilities in wet rooms, grounds and gardens.

Last year the company says it changed the market for home cinemas by introducing a fully black volt free motion sensor able to blend into the background, helping projects achieve high levels of aesthetic performance and functionality.

For this latest innovation, Faradite looked at the market and again listened to feedback to create a precisely engineered product to take automation to another level.

Available in white or black, this new IP67 sensor offers control inside and outside, enabling a huge range of automation possibilities.

This new motion sensor is fully IP67 rated. IP or Ingress Protection ratings provide a guide to the level of protection offered as defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989).

This new sensor is rated at IP67, defined as ‘dust tight’ and is also protected against immersion in water for 30 minutes at depths of 150mm to 1000mm making it more than capable for use in challenging areas around the home and outside too.

When mounted at a height of 2.5m, the sensor has an impressive 5 x 5 metre detection area further increasing use case scenarios. The sensor is also compatible with control platforms such as Loxone, Crestron, Control4, Lutron and Rako.

The unit is powered with 5-35V DC and of course provides a fully volt free output. 

Complete control

Faradite says it knows competition is fierce to win projects, so providing the most complete control package possible can be the difference between winning and losing.

Homeowners love spending time in their kitchens, perhaps more than at any time in recent history. With the trend for high-quality, more ambitiously equipped kitchens increasing, Faradite asks why should automation options be any less ambitious?

The new product has been created so it can cope with anything the modern kitchen can throw at it; grease, dust, and steam are no problem as this tough customer delivers control of lighting or audio-visual equipment.

Similarly, bathrooms have increased in their design and equipment ambitions with the inclusion of sophisticated lighting as well as dedicated bathroom TVs and speaker systems. Faradite says this discrete IP67 rated sensor makes sure the automation options match the luxury of the surroundings. 

Faradite underlines that with the new control options here, installers can create different lighting scenarios for different use cases. Having a shave? Lights fully up. Relaxing bath time? Lights switch to a softer approach.

The possibilities do not end there – music, and of course the popular sector of bathroom TVs, can be incorporated too. Early morning, it’s news channel time; relaxing bath at the end of the day, it’s the customer’s favourite movie or music channel that springs to life as they enter the room.

Ask any speaker manufacturer and they will tell you one of the biggest growth sectors in recent years is the expansion of exterior audio systems. This is also true of exterior lighting control, which is more mature than exterior audio, but also growing in its sophistication and use.

Another factor here is the strong trend amongst renovators and house builders to create a flowing connection between the exterior and interior of a home as owners move between the two like never before.

The automation opportunities for the exterior of a home are huge. From the moment the family arrive in the driveway, to play time in the grounds or around an exterior kitchen or pool, the chances to create transitions from one use or desired atmosphere to another are endless.

So, says Faradite, don’t limit the control opportunities you can offer your customers – with the Motion Sensor 360 IP67 Volt Free, the possibilities are endless. See this and other Faradite inventions at EI Live! 2020 on Stand 6

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