AWE says it is dedicated to providing both industry newcomers and veteran installers with the necessary skills to install smart home products safely, efficiently, and skilfully.

The AWE Smart Home Academy plays host to a range of practical training sessions, incorporating all aspects of integrated technology.

The initiative currently offers seven training courses, including The Foundation Workshop, Foundation in Smart Home Control with URC, URC Total Control Whole House Integration, Designing an Immersive Audio Home Cinema, Wire Free Blinds with QMotion, HDMI & 4K Video Distribution, and HDBaseT Expert Installer.

AWE also lends its facility to CEDIA as an official base for CEDIA education.

March and May

In March and May this year, AWE will be hosting its CEDIA award-winning URC Total Control Whole House Integration course. This two-day session – which combines a mix of theory and practical exercises – is an advanced course on home automation.

It is designed to take the dealer to the next level in the world of automation; starting from the basic networking requirements for the system to the complex third-party integration and automation tasks.

The course focuses on making integrating whole house control simple and straightforward, allowing dealers to walk away with a full understanding of how to complete a fully working program.

The next available dates are…

  • Tuesday 19 – Wednesday 20, March
  • Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22, May

“The recent launch of Total Control 2.0 positions URC as a top control brand, and we have worked closely with the URC team to create a dedicated Whole House Integration with URC Total Control training course that reflects this” comments Mal Fisher, CTO at AWE. “On day one of the course, we find out what knowledge level people are at and then tailor the course accordingly. Students are given a networking task which allows the teacher to see their level of knowledge in the subject. Based on the results of this, it shows how much detail we need to go into before continuing with the rest of the course.”

All courses are held at AWE’s headquarters in Epsom, which lends itself perfectly to education purposes, as it includes the company’s show apartment and two high performance home cinema rooms, which allows attendees to train within a real-life integrated environment. 

For further information on the AWE Smart Home Academy, visit the company’s official website.

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