The latest offering from James Loudspeaker is the Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater, a new approach to home cinema installation. The customisable aluminium structure is designed to be assembled onsite for indoor and outdoor theatres, housing all of the required loudspeaker components for Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS:X as well as conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround formats.

“We thought it would be a novel way to construct a tradeshow booth, and we had feedback from the sales channel that this might be a useful product for indoor/outdoor theatre,” Ted Telesky, chief marketing officer, James Loudspeaker tells CE Pro. There is nothing like this product available on the market. It is also fully customisable in terms of both size and functionality, so integrators can tailor the end result to best suit each client.”

The Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is designed to work in any room – existing or new – without the need for any modifications to the space. The freestanding powder coated aluminium structure (with marine-grade coatings) is just as suited for outside home theatres as inside, and can be mated to an array of landscape subwoofer options such as subterranean models.

“It houses the appropriate high-performance speakers for whichever surround format the client has chosen,” Ted clarifies. “The structure is sized and finished based on the dimensions and décor of the client – this is a completely custom solution for indoor or outdoor use.”

The manufacturer insists that the solution can be easily installed in an existing room by taking measurements and having James Loudspeaker custom build the Modular Theater to the exact correct size. It is then broken down and shipped to the integrator, although source components and amplification are sold separately.

The James Loudspeaker Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is compatible with almost all brands of audio electronics, video components and room treatment products, and all home cinema equipment such as the screen, projector and acoustic treatment have been taken into account in the design of this product. “All of these components are compatible based on fit and proper mounting considerations,” Ted confirms.

Available in 15 standard colours or in custom colours for an additional cost, the home theatre solution is available now for prices starting at approximately £48,300 (US$60,000).

“This product is for an affluent consumer seeking a premium theatre solution for an indoor or outdoor environment – either a permanent installation or a temporary one – such as for a long term rental,” states Ted.

Ted confirms that the solution is easy to install: “The theatre components arrive to the integrator disassembled so that they can easily fit through doorways and into any room, as well as into any outdoor setting. It is assembled in place using provided hardware and plugs for the audio wiring within the aluminium structure.”

In order for installers to get involved, they must first become a James Loudspeaker authorised dealer. Alex Barsotti is the VP of international sales (and can be reached at; James Loudspeaker will be providing training and support on the new product.

The Customisable Modular 3D Audio Indoor/Outdoor Theater is available from the manufacturer’s network of authorised James Loudspeaker integrators, including from C-Hear Distribution in the UK.


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