Pulse Cinemas Delivers Fresh Business Opportunities

Essential Install took a trip to see the new Experience Centre that Pulse Cinemas has created within the showroom of west London’s ‘The Sofa & Chair Company’, a luxury bespoke interiors provider with a very large and impressive HQ. Designers, architects, developers and end-users all use the showroom and its over 60 room sets to make choices on their luxury furniture, light-fittings and housewares. The space has its own fabric library, and a host of staff on hand to show clients around this nirvana for those concerned with providing top-end interiors.

Situated on the second floor is the area Pulse has developed in conjunction with The Sofa & Chair Company to demonstrate just how well technology can integrate with high-end furnishings and interiors.

The space showcases a dining area, living room space, bar and a fully integrated media room/cinema of the kind already featured at Pulse HQ in Stansted, designed by its own in-house interiors expert Stephen Clasper.

The media room delivers an Atmos 5.2.4 system comprising a Loewe Bild 7.65 TV, BenQ PCL50K laser projector, AudioControl AVR7 receiver, AudioControl Bijou, a Kaleidescape Strato and a suite of Paradigm speakers delivering the audio.

Audio in the bar and dining room areas is again delivered by Paradigm speakers, while Lutron HomeWorks delivers automated lighting right across the demonstration area. Crestron is also involved on the automation side using a MC3 processor, TSW-560P touchscreen and a HR310 handheld remote.

So, in the space visitors can experience automated lighting, shading, multi-zone music and, of course, the fully-loaded cinema which combines the AV with a luxurious sitting room featuring products from The Sofa & Chair Company’s catalogue.

Mike Beatty, company MD for Pulse Cinemas explains, “This is an exciting development for us, now we can boast demonstration spaces at our own company HQ in Stansted, our impressive Cabin Cinema in (need location) and now this impressive space in London.

“Having a place where dealers can bring their clients in London will to a real boost and it’s not just the fact that it’s one of the wealthiest cities in the world, it’s that we are situated in a space where exactly the right kind of client group are coming to every day. We will have Pulse staff here three days a week able to develop leads or be on-hand to assist in demonstrations.”

Enhanced Dealer Portal

However, Mike is keen to underline that the demonstration spaces should not be seen as an isolated add-on to what the company provides, but part of a whole group of services that are designed to give dealers the best chance of success, and a big part of that will be the company’s enhanced Dealer Finder portal on its website. Dealers who can demonstrate a full commitment to Pulse will get access to all the company’s demonstration spaces as well as their own dealer portal in which showcase their work and will provide leads for each installer involved.

Mike explains, “We are looking to develop genuine partnerships, so getting access to everything we can provide does require some commitment to the cause from dealers and that is not just business, its engagement, getting involved on social media, coming to events that we do and doing the training courses we provide. We believe that in this way we will build genuinely valuable mutually beneficial relationships.”

Check out the criteria box to see what is involved and what the different levels deliver. As each dealer’s relationship and engagement grows their own dedicated portal on the website grows too with images, videos and other collateral. Interested parties won’t just get contact details, but a genuine insight into what each installer can do. 

The new London Experience demonstration space is very impressive, its slick, stylish and in particular shows off what genuine integration with interiors and tech should look and feel like. To the end user, the AV and automation needs to feel like just another part of the home they are buying, this space really delivers that and delivers it in the installation hot spot that is London. Contact Pulse to find out more about how to gain access to the space and the other dealer portal benefits.

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