C.A.T. Bertozzi was established in 1974 and now boasts a highly experienced team in design, acoustics, audio and video, home cinema and technology integration.

The company has wide experience of customising AV systems, with a keen eye for complimentary design to fit in with the overall look of a property – and also operates as official service and support for several well-known electronics brands.

This particular project was the result of a specific request from the client, who was keen to build a home cinema room in the basement of his house, for himself and his guests.

The project needed to be developed in synergy with the architect firm Studio Matteoni and with the interior designers at Tecnoarredo Srl in order to obtain the best AV quality, but also not compromise on the aesthetics.

As such, much of the technology had to be concealed.

Davide Bertozzi, general manager at C.A.T. Bertozzi, says: “For such reasons we immediately decided as first option to use the Garvan loudspeakers, which offers quite unique features such as the real flush mount in-wall installation and the option to have customised covers. Such things allowed to easily blend the loudspeakers with the environment, thus giving extra value to the aesthetic blueprint and design chosen by the architect.”

The project includes a Pioneer pre-processor and final amplifiers in 7.2 configuration in order to have compatibility with all the audio standards available and an Optoma LED/laser projector which offers great quality and a longer life.

Davide adds: “We also decided to use as sources a Blu-ray player and a Vidabox/Popcorn Hour server/player combo so the client is able to archive, catalogue and playback all his contents using a very easy UI.

“With regard to the control system, our choice was to use an Elan controller, which has been programmed to manage all the devices in the room through a very easy UI on Apple or Android.”

A relatively straightforward project was however made challenging by the need to obtain a focused, detailed, powerful and comfortable sound at any volume level. Another crucial point was related to the sound proofing and insulation, since there are some bathrooms and relaxation areas close to the cinema room.

For this reason the room had to be completed treated with a special sound absorbing material (5dB/cm) and the floor cavity was filled with further soundproofing material as well as clay. The room was also acoustically treated to further refine the performance.

So why Garvan speakers?

Davide explains: “Garvan has a range of high performance flush mount loudspeakers specifically designed for plasterboard or concrete installation. This approach allows for a perfect integration into architectural spaces. The front covers, fully customisable, allow for an almost limitless choice of finishing solutions suitable for every taste and need.

“Last, but not least, these Garvan speakers offer a pure and rich sound and although they are designed to work at reduced volumes, they guarantee a unique listening quality.”

Riviera Kit List

LR Speakers, Garvan acoustic SIR513
Centre Speaker, Garvan acoustic SIR513
Surround Speakers, Garvan acoustic SIM313
Rear Speaker, Garvan acoustic SIM313
Subwoofers, Garvan acoustic WIM220
Pioneer   SC-LX
Pioneer   BDP-LX
Vidabox   LIIVENAS
Popcorn Hour
WyreStorm matrix
Elan SC
Optoma HD91
Screenint flat press

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