Finite Solutions is no stranger to challenging projects, recently completing a thematic home cinema install to remember in Cheshire.

“There was no budget initially discussed,” Finite Solutions’ project manager, Amin Shafi tells CE Pro Eu.

“The brief was actually initially through the client’s representative and it was mentioned that the client already had a £100k cinema in another property and this one needed to be better. As the room’s dimension is what dictates the equipment we specify, I was able to prepare several options at different price points from which the client could choose.”

Specifically, the client requested a thematic bespoke home cinema system with a big screen experience for the ultimate immersive environment, citing cinema performance as the most important requirement.

“To tackle this right, we went into understanding the room fundamentals; size and layout,” Amin reflects.

Amin and the team soon discovered that the desired acoustic performance could only be achieved by creating the layout in the correct way, working with an architect and builder to ensure that everything about the project was executed with meticulous attention to detail.

To achieve the best performance levels, the install team utilised a Runco LS12-HB-D long throw projector together with a 4.5m wide cinema screen provided by Screen Research, which Finite Solutions says produces “absolutely perfect images with unparalleled brightness”.

In comparison to most home cinemas where the number of seating is limited, the large amount of seating in this project (three rows of four seats) presented a few challenges for the team has they worked to ensure that optimal audio was experienced from any seat.

“The most unusual aspect of the project was the amount of rows of seating,” admits Amin.

“To get the picture and sound right for each row was a real challenge but we got there by modelling the room in 3D first and trying out various layouts until we were happy that the sound and picture would be correct and the client was happy with the look and feel.

“We actually presented different looks to the room ranging from an art-deco style room through to a traditional cinema with heavy velvet draped curtains,” he furthers. “The Bond theme evolved through the use of the client’s photography and the use of printed acoustic panelling.”

For Your Eyes Only. And Ears

Finite Solutions decided on a 7.2 surround sound system using speakers by Procella, making use of the acoustically treated walls with absorption panels to help treat the second and third order reflections. Datasat’s surround processor was upgraded to support 3D surround use.

In order to generate a true cinematic atmosphere, the team installed a Lutron lighting system with five circuits of lighting control.

“The Lutron lighting system does a fantastic of creating different scenes by utilising different lights throughout the room, including the ceiling fibre lighting,” enthuses Amin.

Finite Solutions' Bond themed custom home cinema

Control Royale

Regardless of the advanced technologies powering his home cinema, the client wanted it to be easy to use.

To provide this, a Crestron automation system was preferred.

By offering both a remote and App control on iPad, Finite Solutions provided multiple ways he can control his entire system.

All the equipment is neatly tucked away in a rack behind the cinema room, which also hosts the projector.

A significant and unexpected part of the design brief presented itself in the form of the screen curtain, which the client wanted to open in front of the screen as the screen powers on; as well as for playing the infamous Pearl & Dean theme music.

The curtain had to be minimal in size so that it wouldn’t represent a space-wasting stack on either side of the screen.

“The fibre lighting on the ceiling contributed to a fantastic cinematic atmosphere,” Amin enthuses. “Plus, the implementation of Silent Gliss custom curved curtain track complemented the system to become a mini professional cinema.

“When brought together with the 4.5m wide screen displaying vivid and bright images, it is truly a cinematic experience right inside our client’s house,” he enthuses.

Amin is pleased to report that after all of Finite Solutions’ hard work, the client is “blown away” with the results. “Having already owned another CEDIA award-winning cinema we knew the client wouldn’t be easily impressed, but they absolutely love it!”

As well as the performance of the room they are particularly happy Finite Solutions’ our eye for detail with regards to the fit-out. “As they were constantly out of the country during the build they learned that they could completely trust us to be their eyes and ears throughout the process.”

So much so, Finite Solutions was recently asked to upgrade the cinema to Auro 3D with the addition of a new Datasat processor following a demonstration.

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