Crestron Lighting Control Pièce De Résistance In Parisian Mansion

Switzerland and France-based integrator, TAD INTEGRATION, was recently tasked with integrating Crestron solutions within an 18th century mansion in Paris.

The homeowner required full home automation capabilities to complement the art-deco property, so a bespoke Crestron solution was integrated to provide control of the entire property, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, motorised beds, all audio and visual equipment, TV lifts and home security systems.

Not forgetting lighting; although not short of natural light due to its floor to ceiling windows, the mansion now boasts a subtle lighting scheme. When evening dawns and the lights begin to dim, this homeowner wanted an intuitive system to automatically switch on a lighting program that would highlight the building’s architecture and art pieces whilst providing a calming ambience, all at the touch of a button.

“The lighting solution was incredibly important for our client and we knew we had to get it right from the outset,” says Gérard Tran, managing director at TAD INTEGRATION. “We knew that Crestron could offer the most innovative and flexible lighting solutions alongside a simple and intuitive user interface, so our job was left to ensuring the design was perfect. We worked closely with the interior designer to create the lighting design and test it in real-life using our showroom. By seeing the lighting scheme work in real life before putting it into the property, we knew the results would be stunning.”

In total, 150 spotlights, lamps and LED stripes are positioned across the ceilings, in the shelves of the furniture and above key pieces of artwork and objects. Each light is assigned to its own DALI channel by Crestron.

The lighting and entertainment technology had to be subtle and unobtrusive; to be certain of minimal disruption during the build stages of this project, TAD INTEGRATION adopted Crestron’s DigitalMedia technology to simplify the cabling infrastructure that is necessary for this level of home technology integration.

By selecting Crestron’s DigitalMedia solution, the cabling infrastructure is simplified by the use of unified network cables with other technical systems.

This technology was integral to the camouflage of the television screens which are discreet and hidden when not in use, until a particular screen is summoned by the touch panel or smart device to switch on, at which point it emerges from wherever it may be (behind a mirror, within the bedframe or placed out of immediate sight in the room) to play the required media.

“We could not be happier with the results that have been achieved in our home thanks to TAD INTEGRATION and Crestron technologies – all of our friends who come to see our home tell us that the ambient lighting is magnificent and has been integrated to perfection,” the client enthused. “Thanks to the complex systems managed by Crestron, our home brings us a certain well-being and unique interior comfort.”

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