In the perfect showcase for the high-quality, reliable solution that clients love and a strong customer relationship that’s so important for integrators, Suffolk based technology firm, Cerebrum Systems, has designed and installed a stunning Rako lighting control system for a large residential property.

The client for this project, a qualified doctor and cosmetic specialist with clinics across the UK and overseas, had worked with Cerebrum Systems on a previous property, when he contacted the team to add an exterior lighting system to his Wimbledon clinic. Delighted with the simplicity and reliability of the Rako system and its contemporary design credentials from this experience, he invited Cerebrum to design and install a whole home automation system for his home, as part of a major renovation.  Named the ESHO Project, the client is transforming a mock Tudor Manor into a luxurious, prime residence, equipped with all the technology needed for contemporary living. 

Phase one of the project was to create a modern and sleek finish to the kitchen/snug area. Within this versatile, entertainment space, the client wanted to effortlessly create and control lighting scenes and AV to suit different uses of the space via a Rako keypad. By simply pressing one button he sought to activate music from his favourite playlist, whilst the space itself would be bathed in scene appropriate lighting. He also wanted to be able to easily switch off the lighting in the kitchen/snug area with a steady fade down when leaving the room.

Here, Cerebrum retrofitted a wireless lighting control system from Rako. Perfect as a retrofit solution, Rako’s wireless lighting control technology is renowned for its reliability, as well as its ease of installation and integration. With cabling already in place, Cerebrum fitted wireless modules where the cables could be easily accessed, such as behind downlights.

The lack of data cabling to the switch positions meant that the wireless keypads were the perfect solution. A Rako wireless HUB was installed to add functionality, bringing advanced lighting, time clock, app control and voice control. This allows the client to easily control lighting to key areas of the house at the touch of a button, either on the app or via Alexa/Google Home. A Rako RMT500 in-line RF dimmer, RMT-PILL trailing edge wall-box dimmers, RMS800 in-line switching unit for non-dimmable loads and an RLED75CV1 in-line single channel, constant voltage dimming LED driver complete the Cerebrum system. On the front end, Cerebrum introduced the client to Rako’s EOS 6 button keypads in a matt bronze finish. He loved this look as it fitted perfectly to the interior aesthetic of the kitchen/snug area.

Available as wired or wireless NFC devices, EOS keypads have six configurable buttons, offering scene, curtain/blind and audio control options and are designed to be flush mounted into a standard UK, single gang back box. Installation and set-up is simple using Rako’s Rasoft Pro software and a programming interface. The wireless EOS keypads provide integrators with an easy to retrofit, wire-free solution. 

Cerebrum began working on the project in 2020 and took responsibility for the majority of trades on site. This meant that they could ensure the installation ran as smoothly as possible, keeping on track with timing and avoiding any unexpected challenges.

With phase one of this large project being completed in time for the family to celebrate Christmas at home in the kitchen and snug area, Cerebrum will be returning to the home within the next few months to focus on the main house, gym area and cinema room.

Rako will be retrofitted throughout the property, using the EOS 6 Button Keypad in the entrance hall, family room, reception room, master suite and the surrounding landscape around the property. The Rako system will once again allow the client to effortlessly create lighting scenes at the touch of a button and set timers/events for the outside lighting, by enabling a sunset and sunrise scenes.

Rako Lighting and other third-party products will be integrated into the Control4 system, allowing the client to have his whole home controlled under the one application. This promises to transform the mock Tudor Manor into a sleek, modern family home, perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

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