Suffolk Home Seeks Superior Light With Rako

A beautiful and contemporary home in Suffolk is now benefitting from an intuitive lighting controls solution from Rako Controls thanks to the expertise of Suffolk-based technology firm, Cerebrum Systems. The new lighting scheme delivers the perfect combination of smart technology and functionality for day-to-day family living.

Rested in the peaceful meadowlands of the Suffolk countryside, the home needed a layered lighting design to bring a balanced cosy atmosphere. Designed and installed by Cerebrum systems, the daily routines of the family have been brought to life, with tailored lighting scenes to follow the rhythm of the day and night as well as personalised lighting for the family’s favourite activities. The design flows throughout the house, with automation incorporated into the hallway, kitchen, lounge, and dining area. With the addition of Rako’s keypads, the lighting scheme neatly ties into the spacious and modern interior.

Before being introduced to Rako, the client had never used automation and was initially unaware of how the technology could enhance their home. Cerebrum Systems realised that a key factor would be supporting the client, demonstrating the everyday benefits of lighting automation, building trust between the client and the technology, and using a reliable lighting control system like Rako.

“For this project, the client had a vision of how they wanted their home to function but were unsure about how to achieve it. We worked closely with the family to explain the system and build the trust that it was there to work for them,” explains Kieron Eales, Technical Director at Cerebrum Systems. “We chose Rako as we have a great history of working with them successfully. As a UK-based brand, we knew that support from Rako was easily accessible, a key part of reassuring the client. Rako are also a brand that is not standing still, they are constantly moving with the times, offering new things in line with what people really want, making them an easy brand to bring to a client.”

Rako’s wireless EOS keypads were installed throughout the property with the client choosing the Matt bronze finish. Rako offers a range of finishes to ensure the keypads blend into the décor of any space. The EOS keypad sits flush to the wall, with a sleek screwless design, maintaining the client’s clean modern aesthetic. Utilising the wireless keypads, which are created to deliver on reliability, the installation was quick and with no need to do invasive wiring work in the home, it caused little disruption to the homeowners.


The control system offered additional benefits outside of the convenience of automation, which played a crucial role in bringing the client on board with this new technology. The lighting system offered a more energy-efficient approach, as lighting output didn’t need to be set at 100% and could vary to the degree needed depending on natural light or time of day.

Neatly stored in the centrally located AV rack, the Rako Wireless Hub adds advanced lighting, time clock, app and voice control to the home. The family is able to easily control the lighting in key areas at the touch of a button, through the app, or via Alexa/Google Home. Rako’s RMT500 trailing edge dimmers and RMS800 modules were installed to provide full control of the lighting and to set bespoke scenes in this attractive home.

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