Netatmo has unveiled its Smart Door Lock and Keys. With the Netatmo Smart Door Lock, users can manage and share access to their home securely and easily. 

Users lock and unlock their door by inserting their Smart Key in the Door Lock, like a conventional key, or by using the Netatmo Security app. In the app, they can add as many Smart Keys as they like to open their Door Lock, and can deactivate a lost or stolen Key with one click. Users can send an invite to their guests’ smartphones giving them access to their home, wherever they are.

“The Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys enhance home security, and offer our customers unrivalled freedom. They can open and close their doors using their smartphones, and they no longer have to wait hours for a locksmith if they leave their keys at the office or inside the house,” explains Fred Potter, founder of Netatmo and CTO of the Eliot program of Legrand. “Designed to withstand physical and electronic attacks, the Smart Door Lock has obtained the strictest industry certifications. Netatmo’s latest innovation meets a growing user need for useful, reliable, subscription-free products.”

Users control all the features of the Door Lock and Keys directly from the Netatmo Security app. They can add as many Smart Keys as they like in real time, to make sure all family members can access their home. 

If users wish to share access to their home with guests, they send them an invitation via their app, whether they are at work or on holiday. No need to leave the key with a neighbour or under the doormat as the invitation acts as a door key. In case of seasonal rental, users send their guests an invitation that can simply be withdrawn at the end of their stay via their smartphone, without having to go anywhere.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is designed to withstand physical and electronic attacks. It has obtained the A2P*, BZ+ and SKG*** security certifications, the demanding industry standards met only by the most secure locks in Europe. 

The Door Lock works via Bluetooth so is not connected to the internet. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to interact with the Smart Keys, which are tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate. If the Keys are lost or stolen, access to the house is still secure: the users deactivate them in real time with one click on their smartphone, without having to change the whole Door Lock. 

To keep users’ data secure, the access authorisations and identification data for each Key are stored locally in the Smart Door Lock and not in the cloud. 

The Door Lock features an accelerometer which senses the vibrations caused by an attempt to break in. Users can access the front door usage history via the app, when they are within Bluetooth range of the Door Lock, so they can see whether an intruder has tried to force their door.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock can be installed as a replacement of an existing cylinder door lock.  Users can install as many Smart Door Locks as they wish in their home and use just one Smart Key. Whether it is their front door, garage door, or even the door to their workplace, one single Key is enough for every Door Lock. 

The Smart Door Lock is equipped with batteries that last for two years. When battery power is low, the Door Lock emits an alternative lock/unlock signal, or sends a smartphone notification when users’ phone is within Bluetooth range. If the Door Lock is completely charged down, the user can use a backup micro-USB connection to open the door and replace the batteries.

All the features of the Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys are available for free. No subscription or additional costs are required to use the Door Lock or access its data.

The Smart Door Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Users can create customised scenes to connect their Smart Door Lock to other smart devices in their home. For example, when they open the front door, they might decide that all the lights in the house should be switched on. 

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