Blind and light in-one with Gira System 3000

Gira, supplier for intelligent building design and management, looks to elevate comfort levels with a new intuitive control system, which manages interior lighting, heating and blinds in-one package, Gira System 3000.

The latest additions to the modular Gira System 3000 range ensures that lighting, blinds and heating can now be controlled in one unit so users can easily cater the environment to their needs and design ideas.

Its creator says System 3000 makes smart living easy so users can decide whether they want to operate a switch manually, take advantage of the automated time schedules or take digital control via the Gira App on a smartphone or tablet.

The switch frames are available in various designs and colours, ranging from the classic Gira System 55 and contemporary Gira E2 to the statement materials available in Gira Esprit like glass, metal, stainless steel and wood. This ensures that all System 3000 inserts and wiring accessories can blend into any style of environment or for maximum impact, make a statement on walls in an opposing colour or finish option.

 Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK says, “Temperature control, lighting and security are becoming increasingly important in smart homes, so we are delighted to add extra functionality to our bestselling System 3000 range, giving home-owners even greater convenience. Our mission at Gira is to make the latest technology simple to use, which is why System 3000 has intuitive one-touch controls similar to a smartphone. You can control your devices and adjust timings, as well as having a clear overview of all settings via the Gira App.”

Gira System 3000 devices offer a range of special functions

Intuitive touch-control:  operating lights and blinds via a smartphone. The Gira System 3000 Touch top unit has a conventional on/off button along with a dedicated slide control, so it’s simple to switch on the light and then adjust the brightness with a swipe of the finger up or down. The memory function allows users to save favourite settings and recall them, as and when required.

Easy automation: manage blinds manually with a single touch, swiping up or down to raise or lower them or set customised schedules for complete automation. The astro function will open blinds automatically at sunrise and close them again at sunset. Gira System 3000 enables delivers control of several blinds at once with the help of a single switch – even across various floors of the home – making it even more convenient and efficient.

Increased security: ensuring the home looks occupied to deter intruders with the presence simulation feature which will ensure well-lit rooms while the family is away. Choose when the lights will come on for the whole week or programme each day individually. Times can also be adjusted with the astro function, so that the living room light switches on automatically when the sun goes down.

Climate control: The System 3000 temperature controller helps users to set heating to come on exactly when they want it. Preheat a home so that it is at the optimum temperature when the family is at home and then turn it off again when the house is empty to increase efficiency and save energy costs.

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