Dealers were welcomed to Holme Court by Peter Thomas, owner of PMC, who introduced them to the team behind the new products.

Oliver Thomas, PMC’s head of design, gave a presentation on the latest iteration of the company’s famous Advanced Transmission Line technology and how it has been further refined and developed for implementation in the twenty5 series.

Oliver introduced the assembled audience to the range of new technologies developed for the five-strong range of speakers, focusing in particular on the Laminair vent technology and new drive units.

Laminair is the result of Oliver’s application of aerodynamics techniques learnt during his time working in the Formula One.

As with motor racing, the aim is to reduce turbulence and drag, which, in turn, reduces resistance and increases efficiency.

The result is the Laminair aerodynamic vent, which the company has created to deliver a smooth laminar airflow as it exits the line, for a faster, higher definition bass with more accurate timing and dynamics and, importantly, without unwanted air noise.

PMC dealers were introduced to the new drive units designed specifically for the twenty5 series: long throw mid-bass drivers with resin-bound, g-weave fine-weave glass fibre cones, the new crossover designs and the results of new methods of resonance measurement pioneered by the product development team, before embarking on extensive listening sessions.

Each of the initial four, two-way models, the twenty5.21 and twenty5.22; and the floor-standing models, the twenty5.23, twenty5.24, was demonstrated using a variety of music from different sources.

Paul Clark, owner of PMC dealership Hi-Fi Lounge, commented: “I really never thought that the original twenty series could be bettered, but PMC has improved on them in every area; they are more agile and open, with better separation and more bass depth, they just seem so fast and dynamic. Thanks again PMC for a great day and happy 25th anniversary; looking forward to working with you for the next 25 years!”

Peter Thomas added: “We’ve put a tremendous amount of work into the design and build of the new range and I am very pleased that the team responsible for them was able to meet our all-important retailers. “The feedback we received on the day was fantastic and we look forward to our retailers demonstrating the new models to their customers, so they too can be as excited by them as we are.”

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