At ISE 2024, Kindermann GmbH will showcase its new Kindermann bundles, which are all-in-one complete solutions designed to turn huddle spaces, meeting and conference rooms – ‘out of the box’ -into smart conferencing and collaboration environments.

The brand new Kindermann bundles make it easy to transform rooms of different sizes into hybrid working environments. A total of seven different combinations are available and include all products for the respective areas of application and requirements. The components are tested for compatibility, while hardware and software were developed by Kindermann and are also partly produced in-house. 

A good example of how smaller rooms (approximately 15 square metres/up to six people) can be turned into an interactive video conferencing environment is the Huddle. In this solution, all Kindermann’s technology is mounted on a mobile stand: A 65″ 4K IFP, a video soundbar and motorised height adjustment. 

The bundle includes the universal BYOM & BYOD solution Klick&Show K-FX, which connects notebooks wirelessly to the display and the video soundbar. All common UC platforms are supported. In addition, content can be shared and edited wirelessly, regardless of the operating system.

The Meet75 bundle has been configured for medium-sized rooms with approximately 30 square metres and 18 people. This system is intended for fixed installation, which is why the 75″ IFP is supplied with the manually adjustable DisplayShift Classic wall mount. 

The scope of delivery also includes the MultiSwitch 21 HDBT, a multi-format switcher for HDMI, USB-C including USB data signals consisting of a receiver and a transmitter unit. In combination with the CablePort frame slide table connection panel, this solution offers the perfect conditions for hybrid meetings and digital collaboration. 

Notebooks are connected via USB-C or HDMI/USB and thus automatically connect to the display and the video soundbar. The devices are also chargeable via USB-C. Thanks to HDBaseT 3.0 technology, one CAT cable is all that is needed to transmit audio and video signals, power supply, USB data and control signals.

Increasing room size (approximately 50 square metres/30 people) also raises the demands on display size. Therefore, the ProPresent bundles include 86-inch touch displays. 

These all-in-one solutions include the DisplayShift Classic wall mount with manual height adjustment of around 54 cm and the Klick&Show K-42 UC wireless presentation system for cable-free collaboration. Rooms of this size are also perfect for training courses, so Kindermann offers a version with wing boards.

Visit the brand at ISE 2024 at Hall/Booth 2S300.

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