Epson has positioned itself as a market leader in the projector field. Not too long ago, Epson introduced its laser-based LS10000 4K projector, which delivers 4K compatibility, DCI colour compatibility and low-maintenance requirements through its laser technologies.

Following up on the success of its LS10000 Epson has just introduced two new products: The Pro Cinema 6040UB and the Pro Cinema 4040 projectors that deliver similar levels of performance to the LS10000, but at more affordable price points.

These projectors feature the company’s 4K Enhancement Technology that diagonally shifts each pixel to produce a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and support of high dynamic range (HDR) content.

“With mesmerising resolution, up to a million-to-one dynamic contrast ratio and a full range of premium cinema features, the new Pro Cinema projectors are nothing short of amazing,” says Rodrigo Catalan, senior product manager, projectors, Epson America. “Moreover, the flagship Pro Cinema 6040UB offers a level of performance that challenges any 4K projector currently on the market. Viewers will enjoy stunning quality 4K UHD movies whether delivered from a UHD Blu-ray disc or streaming services.”

Epson says the projectors offer expanded colour gamut capabilities, including the entire sRGB colour space, as well as the full DCI colour space and both products include the enhanced optical engine technology and all-glass cinema lenses to help ensure the projectors produce clear, uniform images.

Some of the other capabilities of the products include the Pro Cinema 6040UB’s ability to produce up to 2,500 lumens of colour brightness and 2,500 lumens of white brightness and the Pro Cinema 4040’s ability to produce 2,300 lumens of colour brightness and 2,300 lumens of colour brightness.

Ensuring the Pro Cinema 6040UB and Pro Cinema 4040’s installation friendliness, Epson explains the products incorporate powered lens position memory options that includes 10 presets, lens shift capabilities up to +/-96.3 percent on the vertical axis and +/- 47 percent on the horizontal axis and non-inverting optical engine designs.

Epson adds the Pro Cinema 6040UB also includes ISF Calibration options that include image calibration tools, lockable memory modes and the ability to turn off red and green pixels for special adjustments.

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